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Diandra Lathifa Oct 2016
Sebetulnya tidak ada yang terlalu berbeda pada Jogja malam itu, namun memang spesial.
Ada kamu di hadapanku, diterangi remangnya lampu kedai kecil tempat kita berdua berteduh dari gerimis dan dinginnya kota Jogja malam itu.
Kamu tidak banyak bicara, sibuk dengan sepiring gudeg dan segelas wedang jahe favoritmu.
Aku tidak bisa berhenti memandangi parasmu. Meski hanya diterangi lampu remang-remang, dan peluh yang basah akan air hujan, bagiku kamu tetap nomor satu.
Sang pemilik kedai pun memutar piringan hitam miliknya, terlantunlah ‘Berdua Saja’.
Aku masih ingat betul tatapanmu malam itu seiring dengan alunan lagu. Sederhana, teduh, dan penuh dengan kehangatan.
Malam itu, aku sadar bahwa rumah tempatku pulang bukanlah bangunan bata beratap dengan satu pintu dan dua jendela.
Malam itu aku sadar, Sepasang mata bola yang teduh dan hangat itulah tempatku pulang.
Kamulah tempatku pulang.
An 11.00 PM thoughts that I  wrote a few weeks a go, Inspired by someone special, someone that captivated the **** out of me.
Diandra Lathifa Sep 2016
last night
as we stared at each other
i studied the beauty of you
the pair of your dark brown eyes
that stare right into my soul
your mischievous look
your mysterious gaze
your fascinating laugh

and suddenly
the euphoria
of loving you
rushed in
like it used to be
Diandra Lathifa Sep 2016
the words
the left unsaid
has been finally spoken

i miss you
i miss you

and there’s nothing to do about it.
never thought seeing him in person could make me feel this way
Diandra Lathifa Aug 2016
Have you ever had this feeling when you think you know someone quite well?
That feeling when you think you know his favorite songs from his favorite playlists, his obsession towards ‘after-rain’ smell, his 2 AM coffee habit, his favorite getaway to release his mind, the feeling of his hug, calmed you down and soothing?
Then you wake up and realization hits you, the ugly truth spoke its mind….
You’re just a stranger. Nothing less or more.

people usually got their moods set by midnight guess I'm different
Diandra Lathifa Aug 2016
One clink of cup, and we were falling
Hopelessly into each other, deeply in love
The next thing I know you were in my bed
With your mischievous look
That smothered all over your face
We crash in until the bird chirps
At the break of dawn

The moment I opened my eyes
You weren’t there
You weren’t right by my side
When I need you the most

I guess I’ll never see

The look at your face in the morning, flushed by the morning light

I guess that’s all we’ve ever been

I guess that’s all we’ve got

Just one night

And one night only
Diandra Lathifa Aug 2016
You were the tan in my sun kissed skin

The breeze to my summer

The sweetness in my delightful cake

The bitterness in my crap life

You were pretty much everything I’ve ever wanted

I’d slightly gave everything for you

I’d gave my whole life for you

I’d risk everything, for you only

I’d do anything to keep you by my side

But you wouldn’t do the same

Because you were my 2 AM cup of coffee

The one that makes me warm

But i was never yours

I was never your 2 AM cup of coffee

I was never and will never be the one

Who makes you warm

Diandra Lathifa Aug 2016
The first time I ever laid my eyes
On your pair of honey colored ones
I saw something in your eyes
Enigmatic, yet soothing
Calmed me down
I felt things
That I haven’t felt
For quite long
The euphoria of falling in love
Suddenly came back
Shook me,
I feel like i’m electrified
And suddenly, I’m alive again
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