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aurelia May 6
death sentence on a line

                     holding your breath to nine

                   a flame once burning bright

              fingertips apart, into the ashes i die
aurelia May 6
and for so long I hid

                      my fingertips

                 stained by the ashes

           you hold them with yours, anyway.
aurelia May 6
the world was a blaring red
the hue my cheeks used to bare
now i linger, crushed
in the standing crowd
afraid of getting home
knowing that it's void

—of love.          

         —of you.
aurelia May 6
She ran the red lights
the same hue as her cheeks
with the wildest grin
she's had in weeks
giddy to get home
just to talk more
only with you
aurelia May 6
Their defenseless body and faces
passed onto trusted men
and after broken promises
consumed by wicked fiend

is this what you call harmless fun?
May 6 · 195
when the party's over.
aurelia May 6
the adrenaline hisses
like a candle blown
the cheers
the smiles
all fleeting

        and i am endeared no longer
Feb 5 · 233
aurelia Feb 5
I know of a small town girl with dreams of
red carpets and theater hits, maybe
shelves out of stock from bottom to top
or halls with framed portraits of the sea—
the crowds drowning, washed away
to worlds that words can not portray

A shame, she grew, this brilliant girl
stuck between youthful dreams,
and the violent whirl
of what to do and where to pluck
the food to fill her empty gut
Dec 2019 · 194
aurelia Dec 2019
beware the dreamboat
the end is a trainwreck
Dec 2019 · 126
We watched a movie.
aurelia Dec 2019
My ears are burning up
I'm running out of breath
Is this love?
or maybe death?

    —Just two friends in a theatre
    with one falling for the other
Dec 2019 · 626
aurelia Dec 2019
Perfection exists
in the form of blue eyes
two arm thick waists
and Malibu skies

Perfection exists
in thick sultry words
free of fallacy
too undeterred

What is good?
What is true?
Is it raw?
Is it you?

Away from your screens
Is it fleeting? Does it linger?
(Perfection exists—
not any longer)
Dec 2019 · 297
aurelia Dec 2019
Your arms are wrapped around mine
My name is the one you call
When nightmares crawl on your back

and yet here I stand wondering
where did I go wrong
why am I
the one alone

— The End —