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Sarah Michelle Jul 2018
Don’t leave me loving you
Here alone.
***** my finger, at least,
And lull me to sleep
Before you go.

If I dream of you tonight,
Don’t be flattered.
I care too much
And dream of everything that matters.

Don’t leave me loving you
Here alone
In my imagination
Where it will feel too right.

If I’m looking ill,
Leave me to die.
Otherwise, stay the night.
Sarah Michelle Nov 2017
Nature's weariness
Is reflected in my own
Shallow, little mind
Sarah Michelle Nov 2017
This is my sister's
Sharpie. My use of it will
Likely start a fight.
Sarah Michelle Nov 2017
Coffee spattered on
My notebook and my copy
Of *Book of Longing
Sarah Michelle Nov 2017
Maybe I'll get a
Fan to put on my shoulder
Like my own parrot
Sarah Michelle Nov 2017
The wind is trying
To pick up its pace like a
Goal longing to form
Sarah Michelle Jun 2017
This planet can trek around its star a thousand times
And this will always be true:
I didn’t ask for you, I didn’t pray
I’m not asking for anybody else to save the day,
But I may have to settle for somebody else.
I’m not asking as a favor, I’m not asking the universe,
“Can I have this one thing? This is all I ask.”
One doesn’t ask for something that’s a given.
It’s more productive to say,
“Where are they?
Can I have a clue?”

I wasn’t expecting to find you.
Likewise, I wasn’t expecting to find
so many of you, and I wasn’t expecting
to throw one of you away.
I’m not expecting to find somebody else,
Nor do I think I never will.
Mother Earth will complete her journey
at least fifty times more in my lifetime,
and I may never be able to steal
that profoundly steady heart
from your high-security prison.
I’m not predicting our fate--
the stars are just gas,
the universe just organized chaos--
I’m just saying I might have to find somebody else.
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