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Audrey L Nov 2020
i recall,
the first time we locked eyes
two tired souls looking at each other
looking back, it felt like forever
in front of the blooming cherry plum tree
do you still remember?
that day was very cold
but, i suddenly felt warm just remembering it

i loved all my days with you,
you said i should forget all the bad memories about you
i don’t know what you mean about that
every moment that we ever had
even amongst all the sadness buried deeply,
all of those moments made me happy
so how can i hate the heartbreak?

our sorrowful goodbyes,
when we parted in hurry,
at that lonely alleyway
i looked up at the glazing night sky
the moon shined so brightly
i suddenly felt a bit empty

i really do loved you
why does fate never crosses our path?
why is time never on our side?
is there really such thing as “perfect timing?"

it’s okay that you didn’t become the person i wanted you to be
we love to lost
let’s meet again,
when the weather is fine
when our heart is already at peace.
Audrey L Oct 2020
i hope that’s okay with you
loving a woman like me,
a woman with many scars.
Audrey L Jun 2020
my dear heart,
it's flying
flying aloft
it might reach nirvana .

in the deep sea of desperate
you fell and scattered
i'm in the verge of expectation.
hoping for you would come back one day
Audrey L Apr 2020
some lonely nights
are worth the wake
but are you,
worth the wait?
Audrey L Oct 2019
My heart is aching,
and I don’t know what to do
Audrey L Jul 2019
it's funny how i would always
expect you would show up in
a heartbeat,
knowing that you would
never expect me to be alive.
Audrey L May 2019
how can you expect me to be good in everything,
how can you expect me to have good grades all the time ,
how can you expect me to look lovely,
when i am just a human.
my creaking heart is already trying to survive from this riot
and i am just this little to almost lose myself in this transitory hallucination

don’t you dare expect me to be something,
even if it’s for my own good.
i am my own good.
and i’ll make it out alive
any thoughts or sugesstions? thank you for reading
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