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how can you expect me to be good in everything,
how can you expect me to have good grades all the time ,
how can you expect me to look pretty,
when i am just a human.
my creaking heart is already trying to survive from this riot
and i am just this little to almost lose myself in this transitory hallucination

don’t you dare expect me to be something,
even if it’s for my own good. i am my own good. and i’ll make it out alive
any thoughts or advice maybe? it would be very helpful:))
Audrey L Apr 20
you’re forgetting me ,
and the stilted part is
i can’t do anything about it.
it’s like you’re between your heart and the scar but you cant do anything about it because you’re still unsure of what’s gonna happen.
Audrey L Mar 16
i love you,
  but this is killing me.
Audrey L Mar 11
They say hearts like this will break more often.
The kind of heart
That are well-natured,
but also a storm.

these kinds of hearts will break more often,
fights more often,
cries more often,
But will always stands up.
hehe sorry for all the misktaken grammars i can't sleep but yet i can't think
Audrey L Feb 24
Yet in her swallows,
she felt someething different
in the air, in her hands,
in her heartbeats, through the wind,

And she thought,
this is freedom
that has been waiting for her
all this time.
Audrey L Feb 22
so scared to hurt people feelings,
so instead i hurt mine.
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