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audreyboren Sep 18
the thought of you
i can't seem to erase
every time i look at you
my heart always break
why do we have to meet
if were meant to fall
we're young and love
but yet you left
with me still your heart
while i stay with your ghost
in this lonely world
don't know what to do
and to let go
audreyboren Sep 16
how did we met?
in the middle cold night,
no light but shining stars
how did we know each other?
lonely street, loud wind
nothing more than a falling leaves
how did we end up here?
different street, same kiss
how did we end up like this?
watch sunset, small talks
those 3 words
how did we end up here?
i love you, but

i'm no longer exist
how did we end up here and like this between love and lost
audreyboren Jul 28
it hurts to see you forget me
no actually im happy that you forget me
cause im the one who cause you pain
when you knew that you can't hold on to me
a n y m o r e
audreyboren Jul 17
every night you were mine
every midnight you said those 3 words
every time the star shines, you never let me go
every time the moon stares, you held me in your arms, hold me, comfort me
then you pull me closer onto you
but every time the sun rises, its all gone
because the word "us"
is was just a dream

because i am nobody to you
audreyboren Jul 17
it's 3am in the morning,
look at you, you're right by my side
in this unknown place
20 miles from home.

we're alone together at backyard
its 60F outside
it's cold, but you keep me warm
your hug and smile keep me warm

cigarettes in our mouth
smoke in our lungs
laughing with no reasons
you made me feel like i'm the luckiest

sitting on the couch,
with your brother next room
we sing, tell jokes
until our laugh turned into a kiss

we kiss in the cold, slowly
the taste of sweet cigarettes
and our eyes closed
we looked into the mirror,
"we look good together"

until the morning comes,
we looked into each other eyes
i thought i love you,
and you did too.
but were not

we admit we want each other
we want to stay close
but were to afraid to leave or lose each other
after all were just teenagers,
who needs accompany
audreyboren Jul 17
when you're in my arms, when you hold me
everything feels alive
waiting here with you,
makes us realized we want to stay close
i almost believe, our is real,
and we can have our happy ending

but life goes by,
so we said our goodbyes,
knowing we're so close to be together
how should i live if i have to lose you now?

we're so close to each other,
but yet we can't have each other.
we're so in love,
but we can't say it out loud.
and our heart can't even tie us

"i want to be with you, i want to stay with you, i want to hold you, i love you, but because i love you, i have to let us go, i'm saying with all my broken pieces i'm letting you go, goodbye"
its about two person who loves each other very much but they cannot be together for some reason. because they love each other so much they have to let each other go, even with broken hearts.
audreyboren Jun 3
Why love?
Why the strongest magic has to be love?
Love is too real to be true
Especially when it comes to emotional love
Love is dangerous
Love is powerful
Love doesn’t just can hurt someone,
It could **** someone emotionally and physically

Love is beautiful in a painful way
One click either you’ll be happy or in pain
Love can change you
One day you’re on top of the world
and one day...
You’ll be in the edge of the cliff

Why love?
Because love makes you human
Love makes you feel alive
and without love there’s no humanity left
love is magic
and there’s nothing more powerful than love
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