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Audrey Morgan Jan 2019
I used to be a better writer
maybe cause i had more to give
Audrey Morgan Jul 2017
Reach for me-
Even if it's too far...
I still feel the current in the wind
As you lift your arm.
Audrey Morgan Mar 2017
The nights are getting lonelier
I get all in my head
Sometimes I feel my body
sometimes the weight's just dead.

I wish that he would miss me
I wish I could be fine
I wish I could convince myself
he's not where freedom lies.

The days are getting colder now
Yet I lay here alone
Wrapped in a blanket made
with something far from home.
Audrey Morgan Aug 2016
If I go anywhere in the world alone
I know that I am not at home
The view is nice, the weather good
But I don’t see it like I should
If I set out across state lines
Even just for a little time
An empty hole within my heart
Reminds me home and I are far apart
But now I realize something true
Home is not a place, in fact
Home is my person, home is you

Let's go anywhere, you choose-
Cause I'll be home, no matter the view
Audrey Morgan Nov 2015
I must remind myself that you are human
And humans are made with imperfections
How unfair of me to think that you
Could fulfill all of my expectations  

I must remind myself that I am human
Also made of imperfections
But all I ask is that you hold my hand
and we can share a perfectly imperfect affection
Audrey Morgan Oct 2015
Have you ever stood beside the ocean and closed your eyes?
Just breathing in the quiet wind and white noise of the tide.
YOU are my ocean
Your waves wash over me and at last my body is at ease
I breathe you in deep, because you are my release
You wrap your arms around me, whole
But you don't just cradle my body, you hold my soul
There in the silence, you hold a fragile being
But I trust you're strong enough, cause I hear my heart beating
The ocean is vast, and scary at times
And I'm submerged underwater, yet I'm breathing just fine.
Audrey Morgan Oct 2015
The clock screams loudly from the wall
Everything in me wants to answer its call
It hears the silence and asks me why I sit
When it's busy ticking and tocking and pitching a fit
It tells me that there's only so much it can say
Before his arms give out and its voice goes away
He tells me that sitting does him no good
I could do so much more if only I stood
So stand up for something while you still have time
Because purpose makes life  a lot better you'll find
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