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 Oct 2020 Attie
Frances Raeburn
 Oct 2020 Attie
Frances Raeburn
we rushed from the warm inside
to the cold outside
of a New York City night
Hailed a cab
then caught sight
of a lonely figure
slumped in the night
Someone help
Someone said
she’s in trouble
her soul is dead
and I thought
it is indeed
but what makes her different
from everyone else
I’ve met
 Oct 2020 Attie
Qualyxian Quest
I think it is a nervous disorder
Though I wish it were shamanistic

But maybe baby both
I don't mean to be relativistic

Illness and health together
Suffering poetry

Mother Mary in times of trouble
Whispering: Let it be!
 Oct 2020 Attie
A Dead Poet
Making love with the lights off,
  voices surround me once more. . .
      . . . fat. . .
           . . . round. . .
               . . . small. . .
I am yours,
  but hide me from me
     keep the lights off
       let me feel beautiful
         before these voices tear me down once more. . .

-ʟɪɢʜᴛꜱ ᴏꜰꜰ
 Jan 2020 Attie
Luna Maria
 Jan 2020 Attie
Luna Maria
I'm risking so much
by touching
But when our
lips meet
I don't fear
death anymore.
Hell with you would be my heaven.
 Jan 2020 Attie
she is everything
that keeps me walking

standing here,
looking there

she is my fire,
my only desire

counterpart, depart

she is art;
a masterpiece

she is the one who has
the lease for my heart
something else for the special girl in my life
she keeps me sane when the world goes dark
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