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Attie Oct 2020
What's in a word?
A touch?
A secret shared?

We are weighed down by our vices
You sleep so you don't have to think
You keep busy so that you don't have the opportunity to think

What's in a word when words are all you have.

People talk too much
Attie Oct 2020
You stare up at me with those hungry eyes, drinking me in.

Those rose-bud lips parted, breathless.

I will never get enough of your honey sweet nectar.

Everytime we undress I find a new freckle, a new undiscovered place.

Tracing the valleys of your hips, your waist.

Chest heaving, I open myself for you
Attie Oct 2020
I crave our touch more than I crave the fullness.

My arms reach out for you when you're not by my side.

Head on my chest, body under mine.

I like it when you look at me in that fascinating way.

Examining me so intensly

you come undone by my touch.

Shudder and bloom.

I ache for you.
  Oct 2020 Attie
How can emptiness be so heavy?
Attie Oct 2020
Look at you small lonely creature
prone and defenseless
I melt
when your desire speaks
as you wrap yourself around me
like the night…

I lose myself
as I swim in the pool of your eyes
moving my finger’s oh so light…

Passion devours me
when you say my name
as it rolls off your tongue so very fine…

Ecstasy falls on me
like the sparkles of fallen stardust
covering me until I glisten and shine…

Delight fills me*
as I become mesmerized by sweet sensations
as eyes are blazing bright…

I melt
when your desire speaks
as you wrap yourself around me
like the night…..

I melt*
In the presence of your love…
  Oct 2020 Attie

On the tips of toes
Long necks stretch to kiss the sun
Sultry Sunflowers

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