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atomic blue Nov 2018
There are many ways to be a rebel,
Some quietly and independently,
Conformance to the rebel be the devil,
Ye rebels with visions of lucidity,
Thy fiery revolts at absurdity

an individual dedication on the birthday of Albert Camus
atomic blue Aug 2018
drowning in toxic blends
girl I'm spinning on you
knowing how it's going to end
it ain't nothing new
to the dungeons I descend
where every dream is tossed
the smoke so thick within
over years the yearning lost

waiting to be ensouled
to be me ain't whole
in the darkest light
black dress in the night
too blind to see through
I can barely see you
waiting to be ensouled
still waiting to be ensouled

doll you have that gaze
but my look is long and cold
the desolation daze
the confinement where I hole
set in my singular ways
I'm not a free soul
a prisoner within me lays
your hand too soft to hold

waiting to be ensouled

listening to the blues
hey babe close your eyes
and the sound soothes
I tell you forgiving lies
"it don't matter, ain't no use"
while my hope dies
it's darkness that I choose
chained in shackles and agonized

waiting to be ensouled

(prefer in a deep bass)
atomic blue Jul 2018
da da dun da dun da dun
dun da dun da dun
da da dun da dun da dun
dun da dun da dun

there's a flash-- of lightning
lighting up the clouds
then in silence-- hiding
before the thunder sounds
and the sky falls to rain
and the earth quakes again
there's a rock-- sits rugged
dying in the shine
where before-- it bled
with colors inline
they coursed-- through veins
when it was alive
yeah the sky falls to rain
yeah the earth quakes again
there's silver-- set skies
to horizons of land
reflected-- in your eyes
shadows on wet sand
before the beach dies
by the flames that 'r fanned
yeah the sky falls to rain
and the earth quakes again
there's a portrait-- 't burns
smoldering to scatter
the atoms-- of remains
to times that matter
the sparks-- to our dreams
igniting 'ey shatter
yeah the sky falls to rain
ooh the earthquakes again
and the earth quakes again..

keep strumming this on my guitar ...
atomic blue Apr 2018
like in a mirror I'm searching
up at the stars I stare
never seeing the one reflecting
hollow in my despair
surrounded by humanity
I know that you're there
probability is the cruelty
that I'll never know where
reality is my sadness
keeps me distant alone
awareness my incompleteness
what forever I've known
impossibility the madness
and to solutide that's home
I'll welcome each wanderer
share the art where I roam
sure to never see her

atomic blue Jan 2018
I miss your carefree stare
The curve of your bottom
When you text on your belly
I miss the places where your skin darkens
That are briefly visible
When you are playful
I miss how soft you are to hold
How you disappear into your silken hair
that cascades contentedly
When you hide and seek in the sheets that drape you
ode to the sadness of the moments end
The before and after you
I glimpse it finitely

atomic blue Jan 2018
with the tides that crash against me
the more I slip out to the edges
from black rocks I'm on barely
you pull me to the storm that rages
I'm the beast within your beauty
you're the book of soft pages
I caress and turn slowly
adrift in you for ages
I picture you only
and when I stare into the darkness
the devils words enslave me
and his thunder is the cages
yet darker are the eyes that save me

atomic blue Nov 2017
A walking zombie in the day
an awakened dead at night
not feeling anything that you say
no need to show me that you're right
as the moonlight shimmers on the bay
my veins burst out in my eyes
ain't no roses down my way
where a restless ocean lies
unchartered waters lay
hailing men that dive and die
above the surface might seem okay
what's underneath may terrify

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