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atlas voyager Dec 2018
a beast wearing delicate skin
pulled from another work of mine
atlas voyager Dec 2018
with great hesitance and trepidation
i decided i was prepared
for change in my station.
i thought, like a fool,
that it would feel
like renewal,
or vacation--
but the place to which i ran away
was a **** of my own creation.
atlas voyager Dec 2018
it's stuck in my throat.
try to speak, can't denote.
try to stay, can't devote.
try to leave, forget my coat.
barely afloat by the foot note,
need a scapegoat or a re-vote.
atlas voyager Nov 2018
there we were, late for takeoff
and too early for landing.
all bruises and tears,
and ringing in the ears.

there we were, barely standing.
we were clinically, morbidly,
gloriously grotesque,
and **** picturesque,
heart is heavy today
atlas voyager Oct 2018
when my final record plays,
will death stop and watch me
as i dance one last dance?
will he take my hands,
and spin around with me?
will he clap when it's done?
would he for anybody?
atlas voyager Oct 2018
monochrome boy keeps a little stash of blue in his eyes. well, at least most of the time. i told him once that there was a sweet, warm sort of sadness about him, and amongst his greyscale i saw an unfamiliar glimpse of the most becoming wildflower yellow.
he's lovely
atlas voyager Oct 2018
it's awful foggy this morning,
on the lawn and in my mind.
out for a quick smoke before dawn,
right on time for the daily grind.
my head is filled with bleary dread,
all i wants to be sleeping instead.
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