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  Nov 2017 athf
Just tell me how, how to tell someone how much they mean to you? With all the letters in the alphabeth, and the words in every book, I can't even come close. You're so much more than the sun, the moon and the stars. More than the grass, the oceans and the sky. So much more than just a reason to wake up and look up. Much more than the blood in my veins and the cells in my brain. More than the smell of rain, and more than the mess that is my room. You are so much more than every book I read, coffee I drink or day I live. You're everything that keeps me going, and I want to let you know how much you mean but... But just tell me how? How to tell someone how much they mean to you?

Because I need you to know.
  Nov 2017 athf
Tanjil Newkirk
here’s my goodbye note to you
i thought you were my ray of sunshine but all you saw in me was the color blue.
athf Nov 2017
I'd pick your storm
I'd pick your rain
Over anyone's sunshine
Any day
Not mine. But, this is the reminder that I always be there for you
  Nov 2017 athf
Shay Moore
If you haven't left
You won't arrive
If you haven't loved
You cannot cry
If you haven't lost
You cannot rise
If you haven't lived
How can you die?
  Nov 2017 athf
Mane Omsy
If this is what you wanted
Then I won’t make it hard
You’re meant to heal my wounds
But if you leave this heart behind
Lost in the woods alone
In the middle of the wild
I might not survive here
Making you the evil
I wouldn’t want you to be

Why is everything complicated?
Let the air pass freely
Into your lungs
Breathe it calmly and relaxed
  Nov 2017 athf
Pagan Paul
Links in the chemist chain
laced in a double helix
defy the laws of the universe,
and the atavistic resurgence
creates isotopes of dream passion.
     Elements conspire in panic
     with a symmetry of casual chaos
     that mimics an atomic bomb,
     destroying its own creator
     in a cruel parody of birth paradox.
          Arresting the Iris of Dissolution
          with cuffed anxiety drowning
          in a pond of helium ore,
          carelessly drifting on acid flesh,
          coagulating in a soup of memory.

And the paradigm shifts again,
reality unfocussed clears, strains,
revealing your shuddering form,
next to me, keeping me warm.
Lids flicker and you open your eyes,
shining, smiling in cute surprise.
Moving my finger up to my lips
whilst I gently untangle our hips.

     Do you remember this night?
     Last night, tonight, tomorrow night?
     Time begins to slowly rewind,
     on the night you blew my mind.

My essence is filled with your heart,
a love I have yet to discover.
Whilst you wander between the stars,
my universe starts to recover.

So please don't break this silence now.
Please don't shatter this moment long,
I want this post ****** memory to remain
in the morning when you have gone.

© Pagan Paul (04/11/17)
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