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AS Dec 2014
When you think
I have forgotten you babe,
then forget
what you are thinking
AS Dec 2014
Hey babe,
I've heard once,
some words coming out
your **** mouth,
you were telling me,
and all the others,
how I've been everything to you.
So tell me now,
when you don't have me
does that mean:
you have
yeah,I like being ***** sometimes
AS Dec 2014
we'll meet some day,
after the rain,
as the *Sun shines
just at the end of the rainbow,
and we'll become
each other's fortune !
Miss Tunisians :(
AS Nov 2014
You act like a *****,
girl where is your switch,
to turn you off,
'cause I'll push you
down a cliff!
AS Nov 2014
Why thinking that much,
when babe you know you want me?
Just come over
and kiss me hardly,
baby,I know I'm driving you crazy.
And maybe,
just maybe,
there'll be something from us,
and maybe,
just maybe,
we'll be the ones
that will prove the world
true love exists.
Babe I wait your sign,
to jump in your hands,
'cause you're driving me crazy too,
come now and let the madness
fill the air around us!
I pray every day
for you to come to me,
to grab my face
and crush your lips in mine,
and pick me up.
Common babe come and pick me up,
and I'll lead you to heaven,
somewhere far away from here,
where we will be the king and queen,
and we will live,
like in the fairytales:
Come and be my king!
AS Jun 2014
It's time to get away,
from what people say,
and **** the good in you,
'cause that' gonna **** you.
AS Jun 2014
I'm okay sitting alone,
'cause I have to be,
not because I like it,
just because I can't change it.
Everyone are here when they need me,
but where are they when I need them?
Screaming and yelling,
yet no one hears me.
Alone through the day,
alone through the night,
I really hate this alone life.
The only one I can trust,
and I know it won't betray me,
is my beautiful cat,
that doesn't leave me for a rat.
I'm a friend to everyone,
but no one is a friend of mine,
it's killing me,that
I'm forever alone in this life fight.
I really hate this fu*ked,boring,forever alone life!
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