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Come to me with your stories of love and I'll tell you how it came to me at a young age in a way that was almost holy. It greeted me with open arms, welcoming every bruise, every question, every insecurity as if it has never met another home. I'll tell you about meeting him and what it's like to love someone in the most unexpected ways. I'll talk to you about sleep and how wondrous it is to start and end my days by his side, that midnight is a beautiful thing. I'll tell you how every season is spring because I have never stopped blossoming by his side. Ask me about redemption and I'll tell you what its like to be loved and forgiven and loved again. Ask me about sadness and I will tell you about mourning in every color, shedding every shade, every leaf, like a second skin at the thought of his ending. Ask me about pain and I will tell you that I'd take everything that haunts him and curl it into my rib cage if it meant peace inside his. Bring up sacrifice and I'll tell you that my life was built atop loss and love and that I'm grateful for it because it created enough room in my heart to hold his forever. Ask me if our planet is doomed and I'll smile and say "yes, probably", but I'll also say that he can rebuild broken things with his hands and his love and that every time he laughs I know that I will live longer and that every time he dances, someone flies instead of falling. Ask me about regret and I'll tell you that I have none. I will tell you that as long as he breathes, hope exists. Come to me with your stories of love and I will tell you his name.
Apr 2018 · 118
Only Options
Allison Swagert Apr 2018
I am a flower, a daisy, a sun so bright
I am the star you look at every night
I am a masterpiece, a ******* BEAUTIFUL disaster
I am no *****, I’m your ******* master
I am a badass STRAIGHT outta hell
I’ve got an ego, if you couldn’t already tell
I am fabulous with this big beautiful mind
I am the match for all of mankind
I am a ******* goddess, don’t you ever forget
A beautiful trailblazing smiling brunette
I am expensive, a treat few can enjoy
A kick ***, toned ***, smart *** *******
I am a piece of art winning highest bid at every auction
You are not my only ******* option
So quit standing there looking at me with grievance
Because for once, just once, we are finally even
Quit treating me like I could never be loved
Like you are the only one my name could hang off the lips of
Start remembering to love me and treat me as so
Like I’m not some fad you will quickly outgrow
here's to self love
Jan 2018 · 651
tasting the stars.
Allison Swagert Jan 2018
Come quickly!
I am tasting the stars!
I have finally bottled
The beauty and wonder
Of kissing that champagne smile
Come quickly!
I am tasting the stars!
I have finally captured
The beauty of your champagne skin
Come quickly!
I am tasting the stars!
Those champagne eyes, your smile so bright
I have always wondered where the sun goes at night
Come quickly!
I have bottled the stars!
The sun and stars belong to you-
Your champagnes  skin and champagne smile
Your champagne eyes and your champagne hair-
Come quickly!
I am tasting the stars!
I have bottled all the stars for you
On this very fine champagne night.
A poem about my favorite quote by Dom Perignon “come quickly! I am tasting the stars!” Enjoy
Jan 2018 · 494
my first poem.
Allison Swagert Jan 2018
you are everybody’s first love.
even if they had never
a single person in their life before,
loved you.
the love you must
have felt was
a love I have yet
to feel.
because even though
you are light and hope and
good nature has made
its home in
I have yet to bloom.
your heart drums
with rose petals and your
hands move with Mother Nature
and despite your allure and
my unrecognized beauty,
still began to
bring out the best
parts of me and
match them with every
beautiful part of
and then
you took the parts of me
with less sunbeams and more
and made a garden.
are the feeling i get
when i put on my favorite
pair of ******* with the favorite
matching bra and look in the
mirror like the
badass *****
from hell that
i am and finally have  the
confidence to know
am beautiful.
not because
felt it but because
made me feel it too.
and that was a lesson
that i needed to learn
and a lesson that
taught me. because
i am only capable
of accepting the love
i think i have earned
so first
i must
look into that mirror
with those ******* and
that beautiful matching bra
and be 100%, unabashedly
me and then
i will be filled to the
first with the love i have
given to myself and
then with the
have helped me to grow.
are the thing
first poems are made of and
the familiar warmth of
first loves and the
softness of that
pair of red ******* and
matching bra.
are the mirror that
reflects the garden that
we have grown.
are my first love and
i am my last love
and together we are
every bit of love inside me now.
so here’s to
every late night of consolation
and kind words
to slowly but
surely make me
the importance of mirrors and gardens
and here’s even more
to hard work and
getting to where
and we
need to be.  
progress is a beautiful
thing.  and
even more so.
I'd love some feedback about my poem bc this is super new and scary lol, thanks in advance

— The End —