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starlight Jun 7
Somewhere over a sea
there is a raft that never sinks
And upon that raft was a person
who lived on forgotten dreams
Each dream that is forgotten
makes them stronger by each passing day
For dreams that once inspired others
now keep their mind from going astray
When they find their way out of the sea
They'll tell those who dream, to believe
That one day they will get out, they will be able to breath
The air of freedom
The air of relief
That they will live to see another day
But for now, they will live on these forgotten dreams
As they go to find their way
A poem I wrote two years ago
I have kissed boys


People in between

But lately I have been kissing bottles

Their lips are colder than yours

But slowly I have realized that the pounding headache when I wake is less hurtful than the shattering in my chest

Yet as these toxins rush through my veins

I can't help but miss the tracing of your fingers along my skin

Miss the numbness of the world when you lie with me

But when I wake I remember that a headache is treated with an aspirin

While heartache

Well if you have a cure for Heartache let me know
starlight Jun 6
Greetings, servant to nonsense,
how are you today?
Spending a lifetime on your knees,
praying your life away

You put crosses on your walls and ceiling
to keep the evil at bay
But the only evil is within!
And it's here to stay.
starlight Mar 15
G                       B7
When the leaves start to fall
               Em                         A
and the wind falters to a whisper
                     G            B7    Cmaj7  G
Would you still be there beside me?
                   G                      B7
When the colors start to fade
               Em                     A
like the lights from my eyes
                     G           B7        Cmaj7 G
Would you still be standing by me?
                   Em                A
When the sky starts to fall
and the stars start to fade
         E7                  A7            
After we've been through it all
                     G                          B7
Would you still walk to the end with me,
     Em       A       G                 B7         G
to finally rest, beneath the Willow tree.
A serenade to someone I have yet to meet.
starlight Dec 2019
Heated words come to mind
Something vile is crawling up my throat
I want to scream, let out any kind of noise
To quiet the ones inside me

Voices that aren't my own
Ones I don't even recognize
Echo throught the chasm of my head
Keeping me up late at night
starlight Dec 2019
Moonbeams caressed me in my sleep
As I lay in my too big bed
A chill crawls up my spine
So I pull the covers over my head

Though the cold has left me alone
I still feel something cold within me
My chest is chilled to the bone
For my heart has frozen over
A little lonely
starlight Dec 2019
I miss the way you carded your fingers through my hair
And the way you'd cradle me in your arms

Why did you have to turn on me
I thought you'd be different
I was wrong
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