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Astrid Michaels Nov 2020
I when
Is stripped out of me
And my hollow heart is displayed
Astrid Michaels Oct 2020
I am a motel with flashing neon lights
With the vacancy sign emblazoned on the horizon
Travelers stop to rest
Fall between my legs
Rest their heavy heads on my chest
Drain the life out of me
To put a little more into themselves
But who will pour more life into me?
Astrid Michaels Oct 2020
Left traces
Across my
Flesh so that it parted
Never to come back together
Astrid Michaels Feb 2018
Drugs, parties, and selfish people rarely
Mix to a positive combination
And I of all people should know that truth
Hours upon hours in meetings with addicts

Hearing real tales of human beings
Falling down a nearly endless black hole
Friends, family, and humanity lost
Ripping into the tapestry of life

How foolish to believe with conviction
That my obviously selfish best friend
Could possibly be any different
Increasingly more pernicious until

That final blow where I have to let go
To tend to my gaping wounds all alone
Astrid Michaels Feb 2018
I hate you for ruining my life
My will to live has slipped through my fingers
And all that I can think about is your metaphorical knife
I hate you for ruining my life
You ****** your crime upon me, resulting in strife
Your voice singing my name now lingers
I hate you for ruining my life
My will to live has slipped through my fingers
Astrid Michaels Feb 2018
Your grip is so firm and tight
I can’t even say enough to start a fight

This protectiveness is so present
At first charming, but now not so pleasant

Your concept of space gripping upon me
When you’re gone my sadness is as deep as the sea

You and I are tangled together like vines
Slowly but surely ignoring warning signs

If I leave I don’t know how to survive
But at the same time what if we never thrive?
Astrid Michaels Nov 2017
Blood, blood everywhere
The sheets, his pants, her hands
But especially her hands
Stained crimson
In the cracks in lines on her skin
Under her fingernails
So plentiful it seeps into her own skin
A murderer she is
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