Astre Wynd Jan 2017
I left before I go
Would it scar?
By these hands
By our ****
Or by the feast?

Soon enough, we will bare
The secret we cannot share
A trance that seamlessly occurring
For sour taste of love will creep in.

Remember its heat
A raging awful beast
Did it passed by your sight?
Perhaps gleaned by this delight?
Astre Wynd Jan 2017
Your face has vanished as I woke up in a dream
An unknown abyss in a million centuries I have been
Lived in a moment and died at last
Since I found torment in all your lies.
Astre Wynd Jan 2017
How far would you go?
Show me now I'm worth loving!
What is stopping you?
Astre Wynd Jan 2017
Would there be a hint I could find
somewhere in your glance
That would define love?
Astre Wynd Jan 2017
Tear down all these walls
and burn down all these fences
Let's dance, for once, now.
Astre Wynd Jan 2017
Show me what's real love.
In words. In silence. In pain.
Refrain death in vain.
Astre Wynd Jun 2017
How do you say how
all the colors of beauty
made by our Maker?
Astre Wynd Jan 2017
We'll start once again,
We cannot let this thing go
It's our time to love.
Astre Wynd Jun 2017
Our eyes met at once,
Spoken, all the words at last
What we keep hiding.
Astre Wynd Jun 2017
Echo of wonders;
Unintended memories;
Maudlin mystery.
Astre Wynd Jun 2017
Hold me near my Lord,
Grab me with your loving arms,
I'm a broken one.
Astre Wynd Jun 2017
The sea of Your love,
Is my bed tonight, divine peace,
Angels by my side.
Astre Wynd Jun 2017
Sins are forgiven,
Oh, how can I not be moved?
Was dead, now alive.
Astre Wynd Jun 2017
My soul hereby pray,
I now give it to You,
Lord, illumine my way.
Astre Wynd Jan 2017
One long run,
To a field of abyss,
I came to visit the love
I have found
But now has gone
To tell him
I took the courage
To step inside a dark cave,
Where I could cure
The agony that slowly
Breaking in.
He never knew
I stayed inside the cave
To listen to his silence
Before I pour my heart away.
I melted down
In front of an empty space
Like a candle burning in his palm
Waiting for his caress.
I have gone through
One long run
And *** let me sleep
At his feet.
And though I could finally take
Some rest,
How I wish
He never left.
Astre Wynd Jun 2017
And the final hour has sets its end
Whereas my peace stow its name
I took a chance, all in vain.

Once or twice
To make one mistake
Once or twice
To make time detain.
Astre Wynd Jan 2017
You were as cold as ice;
Lest my heart so desires.
Even for the lips hath closed,
Dull eyes are hurled.
Your foreign thoughts I have fathomed
Through the silence of your scowl.
As my head lies, low and down,
I cringed at most about your indelicacy.

You were as frozen as the moon;
Never came across, always far from home.
Though your sad glance glitters,
The sparks of yours never burned.
I have wondered, swam arcane,
Your ocean with full of midnight solitude
From a tidal that has consumed my bones,
Now I bless you with a farewell in your room.

— The End —