Aug 10 Astre Wynd
Stop trying to remember his scent, he smelled like summer and reminds you of the time he made you laugh so hard, you snorted out milk on that dead, hazy day.

2. Don't waste your day trying to decipher what colour his eyes were, it'll only remind you of the galaxies and constellations that you once saw in his eyes

3. Stop trying to retrace the shape of his mouth in the middle of the night, you'll choke on your tongue trying to taste the mint he devoured seconds before pulling you in for a kiss

4. Stop reliving the times you clasped hands together, the glass plate will fall off your trembling hands.

5. Burn this list, admit that the galaxies and constellations shining in his eyes were wilted, the one in yours are bursting with fire. Remember on the dead, hazy day his laugh sounded like nails running down a chalkboard. Remember when you kissed, the weeds growing from his mouth entangled the roses blooming in yours.

Realize that one day, another boy is going to come and plant daisies where he left behind thorns.
Astre Wynd Jun 5

My soul hereby pray,
I now give it to You,
Lord, illumine my way.

Astre Wynd Jun 5

Sins are forgiven,
Oh, how can I not be moved?
Was dead, now alive.

Astre Wynd Jun 5

The sea of Your love,
Is my bed tonight, divine peace,
Angels by my side.

Astre Wynd Jun 5

How do you say how
all the colors of beauty
made by our Maker?

Astre Wynd Jun 5

Hold me near my Lord,
Grab me with your loving arms,
I'm a broken one.

Astre Wynd Jun 5

Echo of wonders;
Unintended memories;
Maudlin mystery.

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