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Astra Zenneth Nov 2018
When every year, the leaves do fall
Our army’s raise to sound the call
Let it ring the final score
Has come again, the time of war
Let us break the marble walls
The flesh have made to keep us hidden
On dark October nights
May time break the spell forbidden
In the final year of fright
May we rise in glory, fallen
Never again shall we know shame
And shall all others know our pain
For after days of immortal strife
When we all lay in the ground
All is silent in afterlife
And to defeat we have been bound
skeleton war 2018
Astra Zenneth Sep 2018
My clothes stack up like a pile of corpses
Like casualties of a war
But don’t be fooled this is a loosing battle
We see them there stacking up
And know in our hearts we know it’s wrong
But for our own sake of mind
We ignore it
Astra Zenneth Jan 2018
In the dark
in a stillness
Breath and breeze the only substance

There I stood
or maybe flew
The darkness gave no clue to which

There it was
in that stillness
A great nothing beyond myself

A cold, black
endless nothing
For which I saw myself inside

But then, light
a spark so bright
It burns away the image of black

After white
it fades again
Leaving the black where I had stood

That fades too
vision clearing
The mirage of me bursting out

Insides pour
so much color
Innards become the ground below  

Let it run
the crimson flood
Her blood becomes the breath of life

If they flow
her tears will drip
Becoming rain, Becoming sea

Lay to rest
upon the sea
In death, her body, land to walk

May it rise
her shining soul
To burn down on the floating form

From my corpse
The world began
And here I lie, the world I am
I had to write a creation story for my multi cult lit class and I used a past poem I wrote for inspiration
Astra Zenneth Dec 2017
The vines grip me so roughly
Just how I love it so awfully
No matter where I run, it won’t be undone

Tangled in thorns and ******

Hold me down and tear me open
I should have listened to the omen
Keep strength until you can no more
Now my eyes are red and swollen

The vines grip me so roughly

In my actions, I find it justly

I made my mistakes and now I must break
My prison holds me lovingly
Astra Zenneth Dec 2017
In a way, it’s good,
necessary even
Shows I’m human
Except it hurts
Cursed by my own fear
Unburdened by their thoughts
Release me
Ease me down
Astra Zenneth Dec 2017
I’m in a field of dreams
Floating among the violet trees
The purple flowers give me powers
I stay alive but it’s 0 degrees

My body is chilling
The death is so thrilling
The frozen air poison
my lungs are filling

I live in a field of dreams
Is it by choice? Do I die as I please?
The life that I’m living Is not so forgiving
This forest is filled with disease
Astra Zenneth Dec 2017
Never felt love from anyone
Aching for another body
Too close and touching
Have and hold
Arch into loving
Never wanted to love so close

Spent too many nights with you
Pour over me, let me mix
I've never loved anyone like you
Can feel it my center
Excited when you entered
Return to me again my love-

Don't say that you don't want me
Aching for another body
****** and viscous like an animal
I've never loved anyone like I love you
Show me how to be so carnal
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