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Jan 2020 · 294
when we cry
ali Jan 2020
are the taste of love.
they come from passion—
or its betrayal.
may 3rd, 9:32 pm-- I haven't written much lately, not since about mid-summer- I miss it. Though I think my smile has been speaking more for me than my words used to now, and I guess that's a good thing :)
May 2019 · 395
and all the days after
ali May 2019
we are so stuck
in today
that we never realize
how close we may be
to missing
a tomorrow
Apr 2019 · 425
dancing in the moonlight
ali Apr 2019
beneath the stars,
we dance
to the rhythm
of our hearts,
to the melody
of the summer wind.

when we stop,
you are dripping in moonlight,
cerulean blue
competing with starlight,
arms around my waist
a home,
soft edges and curls
outlined by darkness,
in the form of you.
inspired by the song dancing in the moonlight by toploader and the boy who sings it with me:)
Feb 2019 · 190
brutally honest
ali Feb 2019
where the sound of gunfire
never seemed to cease
there was little else
she could do
to survive.
inside a
brutally honest
where she endured
she tried to understand
the chaos
shattered everywhere
originally a blackout poem but it may be one of my favorite pieces
Feb 2019 · 185
he is not poetry.
ali Feb 2019
i fell in love
with a boy
who is not poetry.

he is not
ink and paper
but rather
bones and blood,
curves and edges
beneath my fingertips.

he is not
definitive words
but rather
light laughter
and soft kisses,
in a few seconds.

he is not
full of hidden meanings
but rather
giving his entirety
to a girl
who needs to use it
as a blanket.

he is not
he cannot fit
inside these lines,
be found
within finite words.
he cannot hide
between periods,
into stanzas.

i cannot make him
he is perfection
and poetry
is too broken
for a love like his.
i've written very few legitimate poems about him and wonder why... he's too much to fit into words, a poem isn't enough
Feb 2019 · 467
beyond words
ali Feb 2019
you are
beyond words.
you are
my absolute,
my entirety,
my all.

you are
my poetry,
my lips,
my words.

you are
so much more
than that reflection,
you are
i could ever need.
Feb 2019 · 91
ali Feb 2019
with ice stretching
up the window
and the sun’s reflections
dancing on car hoods
i told you
when the warmth returns,
we’re going to
you tilted your head
as a puppy would,
questioning the spontaneity
of such a wish.
i had said i was just thinking.
but i lied
because every time
i fall into your eyes
i gaze at the universe inside,
brimming with possibility,
every time
i lose myself in your eyes
it’s because
i’m too busy stargazing,
diamonds of wishes
that never could be,
remnants of dreams
that could each set me free,
the sun and moon
bold and stark
against the universe,
you ache to give me it all.
but for once,
i wanted you to see
what i fell in love with
so easily.
dreaming of SUMMER that's all i want
Feb 2019 · 339
internal battlefields
ali Feb 2019
oh honey
we’re meant to be
don’t say
i don’t love you,
i know
i will win this raging battle inside,
but i also said
i would win over your heart,
my truth is
i can’t wipe my memory clean of you,
can’t wash your touch off my body,
i can’t warm my hands where yours used to be,
i just can’t let you go that easy.

now read bottom to top.
written a few months ago, found it and finally titled, inspired by a couple reverse poems i read on here:)
Jan 2019 · 236
ali Jan 2019
the creaks
and screams
of everything else
around me
is masked
the familiar scent
of your favorite hoodie,
the safe embrace
of your arms,
and the “it’ll be okay”
you whisper into my hair.
hi it’s been a hot minute, i’ve been going through a lot and haven’t had a ton of time to write but it’s nice to be back:)
Nov 2018 · 192
your choices
ali Nov 2018
crafty facade,
you have the hands of an artist,
sweet lies,
you have the taste of a chef,
cloudy eyes,
you have the intent of a politician,
sharp words,
you have the potential of a
Nov 2018 · 1.4k
star stuff
ali Nov 2018
she is made of star stuff,
the lingering effect
of supernovas
and light
thrown in every direction,
the breathtaking sight
of immortal beauty,
the kind that shines
for centuries,
only to reach a destination
that doesn't worship her
as he does the blinking planets.
we're all made of star stuff... i think that's pretty cool and poetic. ALSO the poetry class i'm taking this year is eye-opening and amazing, the amount of pure talent people have with words- it blows me away
Oct 2018 · 250
an ocean of poetry
ali Oct 2018
i wish to forget you.
but forever will you remain
in the soft curves
and sharp wit
of my poetry,
behind double meanings
and shards of my heart,

each line
its own wave,
stroking and begging
the shore
to remember,
please remember…
as seaglass eyes
meet my own,

and somehow
i’m drowning
standing still,
when slender hands
follow their own rhythm
and now
i am fire,
full of flames,

just then
those plush pink
drip sugar-coated lies
and soon
i crave
the inadequacy
of your attention

i wish to forget you.
i may pretend,
but you are tangled
within my poetry-

this love may be mortal
but these words are eternal.
*inspired by poet Pablo Neruda* i miss writing, i miss my poetry, i miss the chance to escape and let it free. life is outweighing the burden of my emotions right now- my words are getting pushed further and further down from the stress. hopefully i can get back soon..
Oct 2018 · 231
collision in motion
ali Oct 2018
he's a slow-motion
car crash.
he's hurtling
straight into this brick wall,
so calm,
typically these things happen
in an instant,
but we can all see
where this is headed.
blurry faces
and unknown places,
stop and stare
at the collision
in motion,
and alluring.
metaphor for several things... i wonder what and who we each think of
Oct 2018 · 228
my rom com guy
ali Oct 2018
i think i laughed
when you told me
you were a “rom com” guy.
i’m not sure why,
it’s not very funny,
but i think what i did
find humorous
is how fate
thought i could survive
the tsunami
of you.
i’m so confused.
Oct 2018 · 118
ali Oct 2018
for every time
i almost cry
i give myself
a penny.
because eventually
there’s going to be
that one time
as my heart begins
to leak
and my real
comes racing
down my cheeks
and the only road out
is the one
to the ice cream parlor.
Sep 2018 · 526
k(not)s (ready to admit)
ali Sep 2018
your words
have this ability
to drag my heart up
from the wallowing depths
of my sorrow,
your voice,
velvet smooth,
each syllable
saving me,
your eyes,
never faltering,
brush over me,
watching and worried..

but now,
all i can seem to notice
is how soft your lips are,
how close we stand,
this tie between us..
it would fray too easily
if i were to start tying knots.
my friend said she’s been waiting forever but i think i’m too late
Sep 2018 · 100
midnight stories
ali Sep 2018
and with each word
you led me further away,
luring me in to
a world
of dancing silhouettes
soaked in moonlight
Sep 2018 · 287
innocent petals
ali Sep 2018
she bloomed with beauty,
blushing and beaming,
fragile and true.
lips, a soft carnation pink,
eyes, a gentle green,
freckles stretched and strong.
Sep 2018 · 324
another me
ali Sep 2018
she is quiet-
no, she is
by the rows
of expectant expressions
pinning her down.

she is hopeful,
painting pictures with words
and narrating with implication,
for a future
she won't want to hide from.

she is honest,
but with only her pen,
who seems to understand
her every emotion
without even a spoken word.

she is
she is
she is
full of flames,
she is
he said to write about your true self, and i tried but... is this who i truly am or who i want to be?
Sep 2018 · 172
excerpt from slam poem #1
ali Sep 2018
makes much less of a mess
than this immature child
we call love
i really liked this line from a slam poem (titled oceans of fear) that i wrote earlier in the summer, sooo yea (ps. bold/italics isn't working for this so that's annoying i apologize)
Aug 2018 · 326
nightly habits
ali Aug 2018
i have a bad habit.
at night,
when i can’t sleep
and there’s no more room for me to think,
i drink.
i drink your words off the very page,
the rhymes tickling my throat,
the words dancing on my lips.
i have a bad habit.
when even my own mind
is too busy
for me to visit,
i resort to one thing:
i get drunk on your words.
Aug 2018 · 399
the exception
ali Aug 2018
“why keep talking to him
when you know he only wants one thing?”

so far
every girl
has thought they could fix him.
and so far,
every time
they’ve come back
with a piece of their heart lost.

i want to be the exception.
guys are confusing as heck and honestly need to learn how to communicate what they really want... don’t break my heart if it wasn’t ever something you wanted to be yours in the first place
Aug 2018 · 327
ali Aug 2018
he was drenched in sunlight
and dripping in stardust.
he had seen
the most breathtaking beginnings
the most fateful fairwells.
but when he first gazed upon her,
he had seen nothing before
that was as beautiful as she.
Aug 2018 · 226
locked in
ali Aug 2018
with your sea glass eyes
and tousled hair
found a way in
despite the locked doors
i replaced
after he slammed them all shut.
it all started with the fact that you’re a huge rom com guy... really shouldn’t have said anything
Aug 2018 · 260
drunk on the night
ali Aug 2018
he drinks the darkness
as though the stars
are his only hopes
Aug 2018 · 279
ali Aug 2018
i never saw the ocean
... until today.
it was striking,
yet calm,
but i knew at first glance
there would be no easy escape.
so, naturally,
i went swimming.
and dear god, was that a mistake.
at first sight,
it was a murky blue,
the kind that
hides secrets in swirls,
holds troubles and teases.
the kind that
you knew you could get lost in
but took the risk despite it.

as the sun set,
it became a cool, candid blue.
it breathed with honesty
and covered your every inch
with a sense of power,
whispering with wit.
just a small leap,
and you went spiraling down into its depths.
after all of this,
i didn't want a new beginning
to erase the remnants
of the beauty that had once been.
i was never more wrong.

as the sun danced higher into the sky,
the candid blue before me
had become a picture of genuineness.
the golden light had begun
over the intermingling colors,
giving way to a light green,
filled with warmth
and dimpled smiles.
to look closer into this green
was like seeing
miles of untouched, rolling, green hills,
expressing a life of potential
and love.

no matter when i looked into his eyes,
the oceans of color and feeling
were always threatening to overwhelm me,
all beginning the first time
our eyes met.
hi sorry it's long, not in love with this piece but definitely with those eyes...
ali Jul 2018
she still
wished on dandelions
and colored her dreams in crayon.

but then you appeared.

and at first,
your presence covered her
with a sense of comfort and belonging,
a blanket of serenity and warmth.

but once you had captured her young heart,
she lost all control.

soon, you erased all color from her dreams,
forbid wishes of any sort.
this blanket you had weaved
had become a cage
... and yet her heart still loved
the man who had now become
its dictator.
yay for prompts we find on pinterest !! "write a scene using three things: crayons, dictatorship, blanket"
Jul 2018 · 325
ali Jul 2018
you left, you're gone-
i'm not sure how we've moved on.
four years have passed,
god, i can't even believe how fast.
the worst part is...
you seemed to have left her beyond repair
without even a care.
woah it rhymes...
Jul 2018 · 2.5k
to those who may struggle
ali Jul 2018
you wear your depression
as a mask of undeniable normality-
don't say you're messed up.
it carves wells beneath your eyes,
streaks your face with a natural glow,
weighs down your heart
so you don't fly away to the stars...
away from us-
don't tell me it steals your beauty.
it keeps your pen going
during those early mornings
after all the caffeine
has run out
and your mind can no longer battle
the long, black fingers of sleep
grasping for you-
don't write any more society-approved lies.
it leaves art on your skin,
whether it be permanent
or with assorted colors of paint,
that tell stories,
your stories,
without words.
no longer hide the battles you've fought-
don't let others scorn your victories.

you are a masterpiece,
you are perfection.
don't let this depression
own you,
but become more than it.
please share with whoever you think needs to hear this, stay strong my fellow poets, without you we lose not only a unique perspective, but a unique, beautiful person<3
Jul 2018 · 312
ali Jul 2018
an invisible power
meant to intertwine our strings
but soon disappear
so everyone else may watch us
begin to fray
where we've tied our knots.
Jul 2018 · 4.5k
my mistake... again
ali Jul 2018
every mistake i make
opens yet another canyon in the ground,
and just as i begin to hesitate,
you tighten your grip.

every mistake i make
ends up with you disappointed
and me with
double-sided thoughts so sharp
they could ****.

and yet every time
i come to the same concluding solution of-sorts-
does it hurt me more to stay
or hurt you more if i left?
it's been a while, i had some writer's block but when inspiration strikes.... it means something rough probably happened to me lol
Jun 2018 · 237
new co-authors
ali Jun 2018
my mom turned out the light
and took away my book.
"no more stories, it's time to focus on your own,"
she scolded,
shaking her head with disappointment.
the door slammed shut quietly
as i sat trying to adjust to the suffocating darkness
when the window creaked open
and in you came with a candle of your own,
along with a blank book
with only one sentence-

"let's write our own- no limits."
Jun 2018 · 289
you are my winter
ali Jun 2018
my heart runs wild
while my fingers stutter,
my mind reaching with sticky fingers
to grasp the right words
and catch them like fireflies
where you can all admire them from afar.

but this,
this love,
this is not like those carefree summer nights,
no, this is the middle of winter-
the biting cold an ever-present guest
just as you happen to be in my mind.

funny how
just the thought of
the comfort of your hand in mine
and the warmth of your lips shielding my own
is enough to block the gusts of cold out.
Jun 2018 · 454
no hiding
ali Jun 2018
sometimes i visit a place
where the fire always burns,
and the sun never fades.

a world
where my words
cut invisible scars
that only bleed when no one's looking.

a land
with mile-wide canyons
that shelter a dark abyss,
one which can curl its smoky whispers
and turn any heart against its soul.

a locale
with double-edged mirrors
that hold truths too harsh
for the ordinary beauty of reality.

sometimes i visit a place
fueled by the flames
and stretched wide with darkness,
where no one can hide
from that ugly inside.
i'm sorry. my words sometimes flow too easily from my head, but i swear they didn't come from my heart.
Jun 2018 · 222
perfect storm
ali Jun 2018
don't you ever doubt yourself-
you are the epitome
of a perfect storm.

your words,
they have the power
to shake universes,
to be the thunder
in someone else's world.

your wit, your intellect,
it strikes...
and the world hits pause
for a moment,
bathed in awe-
in a split second
the shock of your very own lightning
illuminating those around you.

your love,
oh, how i adore how you love,
with that gentle understanding
gleaming in your eyes.
but passionately,
protecting fiercely,
an ever- burning fire.

don't you ever doubt yourself-
you could be the perfect storm
in someone else's world
could you tell i wrote this during a thunderstorm?? i love them so much..
May 2018 · 156
the silent type
ali May 2018
tears should be made of glass
because they're more transparent,
easy to see my soul,
but they aren't
because when they would fall,
they would shatter,
and no longer could that
monster inside
curl its talons around my heart
if i wasn't suffering alone in silence
i have a silent type of sadness.. that's what makes it so destructive
Apr 2018 · 10.6k
ali Apr 2018
i've run out of poetry,
and now all i'm left with
is gray.

gray surroundings,
gray people.
i'm lost in a world
that's lost in itself.

i can't find the words
to even say what i'm feeling,
because all i see is confusion
staring right back at me.

i'm in a room full of mirrors,
my own reflection
not appearing
because i've lost myself
in the depths of my thoughts.

please find me,
someone, anyone,
i'm gasping for air
that's not even there.

no one understands,
yet you're all here to listen.

there's only one problem.

i can't find the words-
i've run out of poetry.
my solution to having writer's block but also desperately needing to write at the same time
Apr 2018 · 375
bad days
ali Apr 2018
as a poet,
i know a bad day
can be cured with just
a pen and some paper.

but as a person,
i know that there are some days
when the poet is drowning in so many
unsaid words and
incurable emotions,
that even the pen
is left speechless.
Apr 2018 · 275
i’m sorry
ali Apr 2018
i’m sorry
that i love you.

i still can’t stop this.
my heart is a traitor,
is the reason
my pen is stuttering now.

it’s done
and over,
and i know that.
but knowing that
and truly believing that..
well those are two different things.
Apr 2018 · 187
forever beautiful (4/4)
ali Apr 2018
he told me i was beautiful,
the kind of
forever beautiful
that lives on
in the word always.
no matter
how time warps the world
or how people obey its rules,
the word always
will remain unchanged-
with an easy elegance,
but with a constant love
that seems to never fade.
Apr 2018 · 159
forever beautiful (3/4)
ali Apr 2018
as his lips brush against my own,
my entirety
gives in,
and i know
he is all i want.
his light kisses
from my lips,
to my rosy cheeks,
down to my open neck..
each adding to the
trail of tiny fireworks
left behind.
each dances upon my skin,
seeming to burst with love,
his love that believes
that i am the type
of forever beautiful
that one can find
in the moon.
strong and bright,
but not to be afraid of.
not overwhelming like the sun,
but an easy elegance
that stands out among the rest.
Apr 2018 · 138
forever beautiful (2/4)
ali Apr 2018
as his hand found my own,
he held it with not possession,
but comfort,
as he knew,
this was how it was meant to be.
the way his fingers
layed wrapped around my own
sent sparks through my blood,
singing with bliss
that i was the type
of forever beautiful
that one can find
in a rainstorm.
steady and calm-
constant love.
the way that even when it all ends,
part of its beauty still remains behind,
just like how
everytime he sees me,
i leave him breathless
and wishing that i'd never leave his side.
Apr 2018 · 174
forever beautiful (1/4)
ali Apr 2018
he told me i was beautiful,
the kind of
forever beautiful
that many seek
but can never find.

as his blue eyes
followed not my body,
but my own hazel ones,
they whispered with innocence
that i was the type
of forever beautiful
that one can find
in the sky.
but elegant.
dressed in so many colors,
but breathtaking at every moment.
not sure which section of this wonderfully long poem is my strongest, maybe you can all help me decide:)
Apr 2018 · 244
your videos
ali Apr 2018
you may be gone,
but at just the sound of your voice,
i become your little girl again
and lose myself
in the hidden memories
of the past.
i miss you.
Mar 2018 · 572
how to be a writer
ali Mar 2018
to be a writer..

it’s an awfully emotional adventure.

it doesn’t mean
you’ve always got a pen in hand.
it also doesn’t mean
you’ve got too many voices in your head.

to be a writer
means to fall in love young,
and to never fall out of love.
because like a true love,
the words will never leave you
or never let you down.

to be a writer
means that you want it;
you crave the aligned phrases,
the scratch of lead on paper,
the depth of the ink soaking in.
the beauty that the words leave behind.

to be a writer
means that you need it,
that without it,
you’re not sure how you’d speak
without a voice.
it means that early in the morning,
when your cheeks are stained with tears
and your heart is trembling
within its cage
the flow of words
coming from inside
is the only thing that can save you.

to be a writer..

is an awfully wonderful adventure.
here at hello poetry, we’ve all had something in our lives, whether it be known or not, that made us a writer. i’m honored and thankful to be here, on this wonderful adventure, with you all:)
Mar 2018 · 294
ali Mar 2018
hi, you geek.
this one’s for you.
not that this is the only one
about you,
but for now,
it’s the only one i’m writing for you.

i love you.
three words
that tasted like sweet candy
on my lips
after i told you.

also three words
that i came to regret.

but now i see,
as much as i lie
and hide behind
my crafty facade,
the truth still remains
as a weight in my mind.

i love you,
you geek.
still not immune to the cooties... @my lexi girl (ps. i know this isn’t good or anything but i’m tired and just really needed to write)
Mar 2018 · 118
for you
ali Mar 2018
i want to lay down in the grassy fields
oceans away
and feel the caress of the breeze
kiss my skin
where our bodies met.

i want to sleep among the stars
worlds away
and dream new dreams.
and when i awake,
use the soft light from the stars themselves
to write beautiful poetry
of the new world i will create.

i want to swim in the depths of the oceans
miles away
to find the beauty in the world
that no one has yet to unmask,
that i know is there,
because you've shown me it.

i want to fly with the wind
all over the globe
to see
all that there is to see,
until my heart is as light as the wind that carried me,
and my mind is in a state of euphoria.

i want to sit among the clouds,
high above us all,
and watch the world go by
beneath my feet.
and even if i may not see you sitting beside me,
i want to feel the weight of your hand in mine,
praising me for living through all of our dreams
for you.
Mar 2018 · 402
jealousy, my dear fear
ali Mar 2018
darling, don't be afraid.
it's okay
to be jealous.

don't be afraid,
don't let it **** you.
become jealous of the idea of him,
of all he could have given you,
and all you have to share.

do not become jealous
of the girl who's now there instead.

darling, don't be afraid.
it's okay
to be jealous..
to have an itch
and a wish
of what he now has
that you don't.

don't let it **** you,
don't let the fear get in your head
and warp your beautiful mind.
you are real and kind,
and more than he deserves-
do not become less than that.

do not become jealous
of the girl who's now there instead.
Mar 2018 · 112
deafening silence
ali Mar 2018
wake up.
why won’t you just stand up?
open your eyes.
i refuse to believe any of the universe’s lies.

stop this.
i hate to reminisce,
don’t let this be true.
we’ve got so many dreams and wishes to pursue.

i don’t understand.
this wasn’t planned,
this is too soon.
who gave three women the right to cut one string?

but no one knows how one string
can affect everything.
once whole,
now two,
frayed at the edges where the scissors broke through.

please, don’t you see what you’re doing to me?
i can’t stop the tears from running free,
can’t stop the sobs from shaking my whole body.
help, please, help, anybody, everybody, somebody.

no matter how much I hold my hands over my ears,
i can hear the universe’s words loud and clear.
no matter how much I wish it for it not to be true,
i know that you’re gone.

nobody knows.
nobody understands I suppose.

i didn’t even get a goodbye.
all I can do now is look to the sky.
and while I may not be able to see you again,
i hope you’ve watched me battle through this unknown terrain.
because if there’s one thing I’ve come to learn,
it’d be that I didn’t know just how strong we can truly be.
i believe that there never has been, nor will there ever be, a poem that can truly capture every moment, every fleeting thought, and and every overwhelming silenced emotions that come to haunt a person when they lose someone. this one moment in time, just the few words that are shared or the sight seen by your own eyes, will always be with you, and the voice that it leaves behind in your head will never leave. so instead of letting it tear all you have down, let it inspire you..
Mar 2018 · 203
we don’t need muscles
ali Mar 2018
Winning everyday
Over those who
Mistakenly don’t realize how strong
Every single one of us is.
Never underestimate a

p.s. or you’ll just look bad- we’re not afraid to fight for each other
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