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Spier Mar 2020
i am going nuts
counting syllables on my
fingers writing this
Spier Jul 2019
the evil eye rests
as clouds churn and churches sing.
i think of you then.
a haiku for two people at once. which makes me a player. enjoy. my next haiku will be another version of this one.
Spier Mar 2019
look me in the eye.
tell me that so far,
five weeks,
eight days,
seven hours,
you don’t miss me.
tell me you don’t see me.
tell me you don’t think of me.

whisper to me through the phone.
several thousand miles,
three continents,
thus many seas.
tell me how you feel.
tell me what i don’t know.

yell at me.
kiss me.
burn my tree.
anything at all.
just tell me what we are.
written for someone i can’t see
Spier Jan 2018
my doorway is gold
stained by your lovely voice
say my name again
i am aware this isn’t actually a haiku because the second line has six syllables. let’s just say breaking rules is my forte
Spier Jan 2018
nineteen eighty-one
her hair is like the sun’s voice
i am blind for her
Spier Aug 2017
happiness is the
best medicine.

i take medicine
for happiness.
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