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How lovely these flowers could be?
a paradise indeed, that I want to see
the way you bloom is outstanding
how you follow the light is amazing

dear, you took my heart away
i want you here, please stay
I hated how my day started
woke up with a mind clouded
with worries and tiredness, I drowned
My knees surrendered, reaching the ground

It was an afternoon
I was rooted to the spot where I was sitting
something happened that I wasn't expecting
Bundle of nerves and butterflies were fighting
while I also can't stop myself from smiling

Everything happened out of the blue
I thought I was dreaming,
but i'm wide awake
and it's true
You will always be my favorite star
Though you're so far
and couldn't be reached
I still love how you brightly light
and outstandingly glitch

You don't have any idea how mesmerizing you are
I even see your purity here from a far
Oh how can people not love you?
or maybe they just don't see you
the way I do
She's not sure what to feel
Months passed,
she still can't believe it's real
That mesmerizing moment is always in her head
She keeps on smiling like crazy in bed


She knows how dangerous it could be:
to believe on something that is pure fantasy
So while it is still early
she will save herself from misery
Staring at the ceiling
became my daily routine
My hands keep doing things
on a whim
My mind is awake until the morning
What should I do to
save myself from drowning?
It's 12:17 in the morning
lights are dim but I'm still writing
My heart is pumping like it's chasing
something for sure, worth pursuing

What words can describe what I feel?
Can't we really think when feelings are real?
This euphoric feeling will surely push me through
Can you wait until I say it out of the blue?
There's no way that I could fight
these temptations, taking my life
It's embracing me
until I couldn't breathe
Stealing the joy only You can give

I am weak in my natural ways
If not guided,
I'll be blurred as haze
Surround me with Your love and power
I can't do this alone,
I need You to take over
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