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Evan Palmer May 25
I felt like the wind crossing the ocean

I felt like the wind blowing out of your *******

I felt blue as your eyes

I felt like a lawn chair substituting for furniture

I felt like a box of cheez its being eaten by your mom
because she's fat (idiot) (what is she doing tonight?)
(Just wondering cuz like...yanno?)
The moon seems brighter tonight
Maybe he feels loved
Or maybe he's just doing his job
Evan Palmer Apr 24
It seems that today
gravity would prefer
that I extend my stay
a little longer on Earth.

So with the cards I‘m dealt
I'll sit here awhile
watching your eyelids melt
together when you smile.
Evan Palmer Apr 23
if you're wondering
"where did all of my fellow poets go?"
it's because hello poetry is a **** show
Evan Palmer Apr 18
I fell and lost my hands again
pick them up fall in love my friend
call me your closest star
watch me dance from afar
close your eyes think of mine pretend
Evan Palmer Apr 18
glass folding moonlight
pharaoh fought the evening sun
nightfall's direction
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