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Evan Palmer Jan 2020
loose pack        roof
rustin            some crusty ****
gulag brain       **** pope
Evan Palmer Oct 2019
legalize Juice Wrld
Evan Palmer Oct 2019
I just **** in a jar of mayo
call that uber eats
Evan Palmer May 2019
I felt like the wind crossing the ocean

I felt like the wind blowing out of your *******

I felt blue as your eyes

I felt like a lawn chair substituting for furniture

I felt like a box of cheez its being eaten by your mom
because she's fat (idiot) (what is she doing tonight?)
(Just wondering cuz like...yanno?)
Evan Palmer Apr 2019
It seems that today
gravity would prefer
that I extend my stay
a little longer on Earth.

So with the cards I‘m dealt
I'll sit here awhile
watching your eyelids melt
together when you smile.
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