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I despise you for making me see through your eyes
I despise you for having let me fall through to your hands that choke
The disguise that i saw under but my weary heart still needed to wonder, what if...
I wish you the best on this heart-stricken quest
My love for you was and always has been a mess
You love this man who hurt you so
When people around you even told you to go
You put yourself here, in this situation
Infact, I'd like you to hear, you're the center of my creation
You'll feel for him even though he does what he does to you
I'll steal every single star for you, if it means we'll never be through
I want you to know that you have broke me
Over and over again, there will never be an end
To my love for you that's as big as there is to mend
Lie down with me and see the stars just one final time...
You are and will forever be... my most precious crime
You are my most precious crime, because I stole your heart, and you stole mine, [but you never gave mine back, as you took yours.]
 Oct 2017 A
Quiet down—
Let the rumble come to a stop,
Let the noises drown,
Let your body take a drop.

Into the ocean of wailing whales
and silent sails, drifting
abruptly upon the
golden coast sea

Open your eyes
water’s rushing into your lungs;
Your hands flail
but halts
Floating amidst the dark bed below.

Vastly stretched views,
the sun rays penetrating the surface
giving you your glimpse of hope
beyond your dark, blue, cold endeavours.

Quiet down —
Let your body phase into the air,
Let your heart be found,
Let yourself find love to bear.
Opening up can be hard. This is what I feel like whenever i'm stuck.
 Sep 2017 A
Rebecca H
 Sep 2017 A
Rebecca H
I was your shield,
and you were my doom.
My heart you peeled,
until it could no longer bloom.

My face is blank,
void of emotion.
With you I'll be frank,
you've set a snowball in motion.

For a while I've been tumbling;
falling, but never landing.
The skies are grey and rumbling,
enjoy life while you're still standing.
- i'll hit you ten times worse, just you wait -
 Sep 2017 A
Midnight dreary
 Sep 2017 A
In my cold vacant room
Amid the dreadfulness
of longing for you
There's me,
and my tale of woe
And the sonnets i wrote for you
And the familiar sense of awe
On my pillow
that smells like you
Mid each throb,
I covet you
As i crawl back
to my gloom
Underneath my sheets
of blue
My soul shivers,
to bide my time with you

— The End —