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Stop talking.
The silence hurts less than this.
The loneliness consumes me.
I feel numb, empty.

What have I done?
I should know better.
I didn't think this through.

They won't stop.
I can't stop.
Shut up.
It doesn't matter.

It continues.
I die some more.
I probably deserve this.

Please stop.
What about me?

Shut them out.
I can't.
I try.
I fail.

It's not so bad when I close my eyes.
But I can't keep my eyes closed for long.
They'd get worried.

My brain chemicals I can't confess
Large bodies of people I detest.

It only happens when I'm with them.
I never feel this way by myself.
I only feel lonely with them
I can never be alone and lonely.

The noise,
It continues.
I think I should write in first person more.
Mouths, we speak
As tongues we taste
To die is loss
To live's a waste
The sands of time
The tools we shape
Make us sublime
Seekers find,
A will to seek,
Us humankind
And break the meek.
No stone unturned
The nooks and crannies
Are taught and learned,
Aren't we canny
Finders seek;
I seek to find
That which I lost
And lost my mind.
I'm at a loss
Now that I've gained.
Insanity's fancy,
Mundane's plain
For your fresh flesh,
I have a craving
I find it best
When you're still breathing

I'm wanting you...
Squirming in my teeth
No humans were harmed in the making of this poem... hopefully.
Searching for a door.
Nothing matters,
With mobile metals,
You pierce my flesh
'Cause you humans
Like my meat fresh
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