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I told you I was brittle
  I told you I would break
I told you I won't  be able to move on if you won't stay  
You promised you were different
You promised you'll let me stay as one You promised to make me strong

You did keep your word  
You did make me strong but  
You never told you were gonna vanish with all the bits and pieces,
shattering even the last
that's left of me.
Love takes many forms maybe if leaving the ones they love is also one of it's forms then don't worry people we(the broke) are the most loved ones ^_^
Read fast to get an actual piece of mind. ^_^
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From sweet savouries to saline seas nothing can be preserved.
Yes , I know it.
Even In the darkness of my dark beating heart , I know I would have loved him , all right .
You see ?
Even the dead has a heart.
Post breakup tantrums
Losing you was easy until my silly heart realized that It lost itself.
Messy hair , sleepy face
Blurred vision or the pace ?
Somewhere a knife lay hidden,
A seer pain and urge starts within.
Was it my end or 'the beginning'?
Oozing blood , down my hand
Loosing grip on my life
And death , by my side .
She was a woman ,not great as he
but there hid a caliber which she couldn't see.
An unknown talent that lay hidden ,
which she has stuffed and pushed within .
A coy face,
and a masquerade.
Slender shape
and a pretty face.
He , a bloke of high reverence,
his eyes so glittering and dense .
Has become a man of fame and pride ,
from a mere boy who struggled for life.
Modern charm,
generous and calm.
beguiling smile
and a high profile.
Both pose some similarities,
maybe their talent or their great disparities.
both ignored for being different
and, maybe that's what made them both friends.
They've been together for years now,
both clung onto true love.
Both have laid all the plans for tomorrow,
Every joy and every sorrow.
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