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Feb 2017 · 796
Asim Javid Feb 2017
"There is a certain placidity in my seclusion .
The feeling of affection seems like an obtrusion.
Here is peace , but out there whole world is prying.
Probing us for flaws and they never stop trying.
Testing us with abstracts like love & what-not.
As the chains of spurious amity tighten the ****** knot.
I am amidst the society, yet I am sequestered.
And the resentment has become more festered.
I have  no enmity for the world out there.
In lieu of perfidious world , I prefer to be here.
That fabricated affinity I just elude.
So, I always hanker for tranquility of my personal solitude ."*

Feb 2017 · 724
Four Seasons
Asim Javid Feb 2017
" she shed her emotions like four seasons. . .
the gloom in her eyes carried certain reasons. . .
from all the nights she sparkled brightest in the moon less one. . .
and then she faded into the sky like a dying sun. . .
striving through the excruciating weathers that soaked her dry. . .
with all that ache and not a tear to cry. . .
was it her strength that held her high. . .
or was it the despair when hopes were a lie... "*
Oct 2016 · 789
Asim Javid Oct 2016
Expression is important.  
There are times when you want to scream your heart out and paint the walls with what's building inside your brain. 
 The aggressive, blunt and killer feelings just reside inside and somehow you want to spill them out.
Surrounded by suffocating truths , lies and millions of mixed emotions , humans tend to collapse.
Expressing ,not only in darkest of emotions but also in the most colorful of moments , is essential.
To disencumber the heart from feelings and emotions that sink it , we express.
Way outs can be simple and they can be labyrinthine.
Screams , music,words, art and what not. Our world is surrounded by these expressions.
Every thing that touches us and relates to us, is someone's expression .
Expressions give rise to heartening forms of art and mystics of world. We are surrounded by such things , that way we are part of everyone's life. That's how we are all connected.
Is it not curious, how world so big seems so familiar when we are introduced and when we understand the hidden meanings of it?
I believe , this whole world is just
an expression of God's mind.*

Sep 2016 · 487
We Are All Storms
Asim Javid Sep 2016
"Lying in the colors of our soul are the  drops of our insanity.  
A single trapped drop carrying the ocean inside .
We are always ready to unleash the oceans.  
We just need some currrent which touches our soul , and  shakes our roots.
It can be love,  passion , adventure or any person.
As long as our souls are disturbed by these home like feeling we are ready to become storms "

Sep 2016 · 711
Asim Javid Sep 2016
If we  peek into our souls,
We'd find broken lovers feeding despair to opportunities.
Hidden under the mask of compassion is our selfish nature.
We think we are either trying to heal our souls or cure the souls of those we love .
Sep 2016 · 592
Asim Javid Sep 2016
The definition of beauty is surrounded to one's perception.
Lose the perception, every flaw is a beauty.
Lose the definition, everything & everyone becomes beautiful*

# asim.javid
Aug 2016 · 548
Sunsets & Souls
Asim Javid Aug 2016
Our withered souls are like
dying sunsets,
hoping to never die.
But only after death,
the sun rises again*

Aug 2016 · 814
Patterns Of Past
Asim Javid Aug 2016
Patterns of the past follow you like fire blazed,
Ever wondered if they will still find your scars and be amazed?
Changing yourself wouldn't undo the mistakes,
For in this life you will get one time takes.
The soul is always hungry for something wild,
But because of the undenying deeds, the heart turns mellow and mild,
It is afraid of someone looking at her naked face,
Ashamed & embarrassed still holding up with the world's pace.
Maybe in the end we all have to find our kind of people,
Just as shady, wild, bound by the demons of a great keeper,
No matter how much you run, your feet is already set on fire,
Are you gonna choose between pure love or the well-aged desire.
No matter how much escape & how  much you run.
Everything settles,  even the shimmering sun.
Look at you & look around, you think suffering is just in you and you are the only one?
Pain & sorrows lies in every soul and that spared none.
The unsettling desires , the relentless pursuing of dreams.
All hide under the reality when it screams.
The despair and powerlessness take over the soul.
Plant your feet and fight for your goal.
Past is a demon , past is cruel and the past, it sure teaches.
The wild experience and inexplicable lessons it preaches.
It beholds immense complexities and innumerable lessons , for past is the creator of future and past is a dauntless teacher*.
Collaborated piece
Aug 2016 · 453
Asim Javid Aug 2016
She has annulled the ideas of lugubriousness and sorrow.

She is like a spirited rhapsody with no care for tomorrow.
She is effulgent like a shimmery ethereal.
I see her as an elysian effigy.
Wondering how real can she be ?
Is there nothing broken inside ? Is there nothing that aches ?
May be She is mystery,  not to be solved.
All I can see is that there are strange strings involved.
With her I am falling in these inscrutable ties.
And She is more than what meets my eyes....

                                                 © asim.javid
Jun 2016 · 1.0k
Asim Javid Jun 2016
Day after day you wipe humans away.
Don't you see in that crowd,  there is
a mother , a father,
a daughter and a son.
What do you want to prove with
your hand holding a gun.
Is is just ? Is it fair ?
You are not a human, not even near.
No matter what you call yourself,
  you belong to no religion.
You are not a father , not a brother,
not even mother's son.
You smear your religion ,
you smear humanity.
Your actions are no more than
a plaguey insanity.
Where are your morals, where is
your human code?
You betray the mother earth , which is your abode.
You inflict anguish,
You scourge families.
We detest you and have branded you
" a Terrorist ".
No matter how much you terrorize,
we humans will always find sheer
strength to resist.
     © asim.javid
May 2016 · 763
Asim Javid May 2016
You are a part angel and part teacher.

  You are my first school and first institution.

You taught me right and you made me aware of wrong.

You held me close and you taught me how to be strong.

I'm  forever indebted under your grace.

A mother like you is blessing to the human race.

You have been with me in the happy sunny days and in
the troublesome  weather.

I'm proud to be your son and call you my mother* .
Apr 2016 · 578
The WingLess Bird
Asim Javid Apr 2016
Holding her hand , walking on the streets.
Realizing the life in those skipped heartbeats.
Exuding the attar, she dulled my senses.
Tremulous tattered talks due to spooking menaces.
Then she talked in her asthenic voice.
And suddenly everything was just background noise.
All I could do was , stare in her eyes.
And I glimpsed into her soul beyond visible lies.
She was the configuration of pain and hope.
Inside, she was in a scrimmage and clinging with a mope.  
Zealously & tenacious , inside , she was a fighter.
I hankered to describe her beauty in my words, as a writer.
But to describe such aesthetical effigy I constellated nothing, not even a single word.
I was stupefyingly stuck , like a fallen wingless bird*.
Mar 2016 · 552
Odd silence
Asim Javid Mar 2016
A radiating art poured down her fingertips.
i lost the decency of my mind with just one glance of her lips.
i wanted to succumb into her like the paint on her art.
her beauty was so painful that it pierced my heart.
she was close a breath and as far as God.
I lied next to her longing to talk ,
but all we
exchanged was the silence,
wondering if that was odd* !
Feb 2016 · 975
Throes Of Agony
Asim Javid Feb 2016
Strive and strive,  O dear, it's a long drive.
Fear no fear, fight without care.
The roads are rough and challenges tough.
Fear no fear, fight without care.
Take a stand, and push your limits
Follow the flare your soul emits.
The road to triumph, is full of  trammel.
Trust your resolve,  and never scramble.
There will be hurdles, ups and downs.
Keep your fortitude above the crowns.
  Do not yield,  do not cede .
Struggle against the resistance &
you'll be freed.
Impel your soul with throes of agony.
And the trace you face
is your destiny*..
Jan 2016 · 1.2k
My Nebulous Hope
Asim Javid Jan 2016
A nebulous hope on the silhouette of horizon.
My redeeming font , one sweet poison.
Slowly it obliterated  me ,
branding with ache of reaching.
The ashes of my nous shouting and screeching.
Left with repugnant psyche of an undying hype.
Resplendent hysteria of an antithetic type.
Is it the verity or  nebulous dream.
Is it the silence or vociferous scream.
The part of me desists.
The part of me resists.
To walk the path that leads to decay.
Holding the faith with doubts at bay.
What do I do , to overcome this interlace.
May be I spiflicate the existence , and
   live as Inanimate* .
Nov 2015 · 21.5k
The Identity Theft
Asim Javid Nov 2015
I woke up this morning and my name flashed on T.V.
They said i blew up places , they said i killed masses .
Men , women & children I murdered them all.
Who am I ?
I am a muslim and i am taking this fall.
They used my name and spread the terror.
I am not them , it surely is an error.
We, muslims, are the holders of peace , we spread love.
Why am I being  represented by their false actions.
I am a person, with different notions.
World will now brand me a terrorist.
Don't judge me by their actions , I insist.
I am not them, they pilfered my name.
They inflicted libel , and my religion to defame .
I have been robbed , robbed of my name.
I am a muslim , human like you , all the same.
My name has been robbed , my identity stolen
I deprecate the terror and mourn for fallen.
There are millions like me and humanity lies in our depths.
But we are all victims of Identity Theft* ...............
We Muslims condemn  the Paris attack.
Nov 2015 · 981
Asim Javid Nov 2015
She was a picture of monotonous monochrome.
She was deathly quite in one jaunty home.
She lied in wait of eyes that could see through her bleakness.
One who could see the beauty in her , beyond her illusory mess.
People gazed at her and noticed the lack of chroma.
Then a man , destitute of vision , approached and followed her aroma.
He gazed at her with the touch of his finger.
And time stopped as he started to linger.
His gaze took him , in the depths of her beauty.
And she spilled colors and made him sooty.
With no vision he espied her coloration.
and world was hysterical
at their love in
Nov 2015 · 913
Her Undefined Gravity
Asim Javid Nov 2015
She was effigy of chaos,  conflicts and messed stories.
Her heart was broken but it radiated beauties.
The dark in her was a mass of stunning surprises. She'd  smile and smile passed the peace.
In her arms,  tranquillity lied & in her arms my disturbed mind would ease.
With an undefined gravity she pulled me close.
Close and close,  she became someone I'd never lose*.
Nov 2015 · 1.3k
Figther Within
Asim Javid Nov 2015
He remained silent and his silence spoke.
Without words,  the story bespoke.
There was a fight in his breath , a soul of a fighter.
Another strain and his fist got tighter.
Facing the enemy ,living with in.
Morbid and morbid , beating the sin.
Times & times, he was dead.
Again & again , he rose from the very death bed.
Carved the hope from with in despair.
Beating the strain and no spare.
He is the human fighting for bread.
He is alive but living among dead.
He shares the same world where vanity live .
He has no food , which is care to few.
He is the fighter , fighting for life.
To be a human or a fighter, that's his strife*.
Oct 2015 · 732
Touch Of Fire
Asim Javid Oct 2015
She was like a candle.
His touch set her ablaze.
Illuminating her present by incineration of her past.
She burnt and burnt till there were ashes at vast.
He tried to hold her,  but through his fingers, the ashes slipped.
She was finally free,  free from confinements of her sins.
His fire made her pure.
Released her soul from the impure.
The fire was the end of her,  and she swallowed it right the abyss of her soul.
The fire was her redemption, which made her whole*.
Oct 2015 · 879
The Beauty Of Dark
Asim Javid Oct 2015
Tonight the moon  isn't beautiful anyhow.
Tonight the dark has stolen the show.
The bright light is just demorphing the infinite  dark.
Tonight the light is just one ugly mark.
The dark holds the peace in it .
and the light is full of discord.
Darkness holds the beauty tonight.
It is defeating the light without any fight* .
Sep 2015 · 786
Realms Of Reality
Asim Javid Sep 2015
In the deep world of my thoughts.
I think of you by my side.
In the realms of reality,
we are separated by a see full of tide.

How can the distance merge,
and we, together, have a life.
Time to spend,  moments to live,
no more distances to appear alive.

May be we are meant to be abstract,
the intangible form of love.
May be,  we are the ghosts,
ghosts for each other,  always hidden
behind the tangible love.

Is fate to blame?
Or should we blame the God?
So perfect and yet distant,  isn't that odd?
We can cry for a why
or just accept the design.
We could strive against the gap,
and love each other
till we die*.
Sep 2015 · 845
The Tempest
Asim Javid Sep 2015
A silent tempest of million waves.
Screaming against my psyche
with billion raves.
Unnerving my soul from
the clinges of hope.
Entangling my mind with elegant dope.
Even in calm,  when i lie in my bed.
A beautiful destruction out there
in my head.
In every fight,  it gets it's win.
Poisoning with notion,  that i am the sin.
Entraps every light entering my soul.
Darkening me inside,  dark like  a mole.
Crashing and crushing me
with walls of despair.
Left on the sidewalk,  beyond repair.
A wave is coming and
nature cannot save.
May be,  I am meant to vanish in this
flagitious wave*.
Sep 2015 · 688
Asim Javid Sep 2015
my ink was too bleak to write.
my soul was too tired to fight.
thoughts commixed with my sense.
too shattered to take a stance.
screaming  voice couldn't be heard.
a lone trip down the road.
fight with the one that consumed.
the reasons that amused.
it was all me, me in a war.
all that remained was A Beautiful Scar*.
Sep 2015 · 552
The Dreamer's Disease
Asim Javid Sep 2015
I am no more dirigible, no more bound.
I am the hawk,  I am the hound.
I am  beyond anyone's touch.
My ideas go beyond the stretch.
I savvied the rules of world -a pitfall.
Now i aspire to break them all.
Now i wander,  with no guilt to ponder.
My soul is sated with peace, that's what i will squander.
The temporal rules i bend with ease.
Cuz i am sceptred with
Aug 2015 · 1.2k
Asim Javid Aug 2015
An interminable yearning of
solace finding.
A constant struggle of cicatrix hiding.
Euphoric trance,  we hanker it all.
To breath beyond the limits of wall.
Wall that curbs our accord.
To hum the songs from one old record.
To aviate beyond the visible horizon.
To be souls of mirthful composition.
Exempting our cores of concealed  desires.
To sway  with adored one in bonfires.
To see the world engrossed in
love and peace.
Will only,  then our souls
ensconce in ease*...
Aug 2015 · 872
Paradise Lost
Asim Javid Aug 2015
The dot of dark hate in the rose of.         love..
The despair seeded in the core of hope..
Peace lying in the beloved arms of disruption..
the blood of demom running dormant in the veins of God..
We all stand on the burning grass of hell which is beautifully decorated in the Gardens Of Parsdise...
Are we all so inebriatedly lost in this paradise or
this paradise is so lost to us*....
©Asim Javid
Aug 2015 · 514
Asim Javid Aug 2015
For the years we stayed together,
For the ages we live with each other..
You are a friend,  sister and a mother,
Love for you is upto infinity and further..
Your will be introduced  to new life,
as you are going to be someone's wife..
Happiness and blessings is what
i wish for you,
you are moving out and the time is due..
Stay happy,  stay blessed and
never get troubles,
You holded my hand in all the rubble..
May you be get life of the  stellar,
Love you and that's eternal*...
On the event of my closest one's marriage
Aug 2015 · 2.5k
The Stranger
Asim Javid Aug 2015
In the crowd of strange faces
yours seemed familiar...
I did not know you, yet
to the person in my mind
you looked similar..
None acquaintance lied between,
I felt pulled to you altogether..
You are a beautiful stranger,
Strangely beautiful you are..
I don't know if i see you again,
You are close,  even if you
stay so **** far* ...
Aug 2015 · 567
The Invincible Time
Asim Javid Aug 2015
memories,  sentiments,  anguishes, exultations,
You dissolve them all...
Unceasing aeonian amorphous flow
you are,
You efface every life once for all..
Kings and Queens crumpled before you,
You stand grandiloquent and tall..
You took beloved ones,  some ended in flames and some in clays,
You left us with a void in heart,
and dragged us into a pitfall..
You become a friend and a foe,
an opportunity takes it all..
No one surmounted you,  none master did,
You mastered them all..
You are the Time, The Invincible Time,
That is what we all waul* ...
The time is the real master.
Aug 2015 · 686
Asim Javid Aug 2015
a broken bridge
connected their hearts.
a silent conversation
between their minds.
an inconsolable affinity
between their souls.
They struggled to
come over distances.
But the distances never
existed ******,
They had consumed their
Aug 2015 · 360
A Walk In The Rain
Asim Javid Aug 2015
Let us hold the hands
walk in the pouring rains...
Let us make it drip down
all our pains..
Let us close our eyes
get lost in this moment...
  Let us secure the opportunity
to be happy
sing together a Sonnet...
Let us **** our reasons
bounds and cares to stay..
Far from populous ,
let us hold hands
get far , far away* ..
Aug 2015 · 1.3k
Asim Javid Aug 2015
she was a marionette of the echoes
of her past
corrupting her present.
She was fluctuating betwixt
the anguish of the antecedent and
invariable  sanctity.
She was apostle of the present
She worshipped her past
Aug 2015 · 623
Reading You...
Asim Javid Aug 2015
you presented yourself
like an open book to me,
shedding all your celibacy.
you vitiated me with the
idea of cognizing you.
I am beyond the hope
of quenching my soul.
  The more I know you, 
 the more I crave for you.
You are a book,  
and I am reading you
between and beyond
the lines
Jul 2015 · 373
Deprived or Not?
Asim Javid Jul 2015
they look at me
and see me
as I am deprived from
the love of God.
And I envision
God in
Jul 2015 · 530
moon in her eyes
Asim Javid Jul 2015
At the silhouette of dawn
she pointed her finger
towards the sun and
whispered good morning to me,
When i wanted to stay in the night
and gaze into her eyes
and envision the moon...
Asim Javid Jul 2015
I hanker myself to find illumination within myself.
The more  I  explore,
the more  I confront the ineluctable iniquity.
Being cognizant of my enmity,
I wish to be ignoramus of myself.
Jul 2015 · 2.7k
Innermost Crusade
Asim Javid Jul 2015
Have anthologized every
cerebration of mine,
finding myself snared in
dogmatic mysteries of cosmos.
My cognitive contents are
razing & vitiating,
leaving a brobdingnagian lacuna.
Striving to surmount it but,  
incapable of sating  the one that
domiciliates within
my èlan vital.
Jul 2015 · 1.1k
Asim Javid Jul 2015
you try to search
beauty in complexities
of nature....
when it takes a
to beautify you
for eternity
Jul 2015 · 452
Asim Javid Jul 2015
I will be wandering in the streets of un-named lands.
Among unknown people , will i be sheltering.
In the labyrinth of strange cultures and rituals.
Yes, that is what i'll be doing.
Careless & free of bonds travelling the lands like a wanderer.
Joy & peace will be my
profits of trade.
My fate will see no destination
only the journey.
Jul 2015 · 1.0k
The Battle Of My Psyche
Asim Javid Jul 2015
I am the quarry of my benighted psyche.
So crumbled by the fiendish enactments.
I dread the very persona
i've impersonated.
The damaging mentation have
inebriated my nous.
Clambering  off from this lineament
is my quotidian.
I wish to be devoid from this self.
As it ingests my soul.
Jun 2015 · 422
Set me Free
Asim Javid Jun 2015
Put me in the chamber
with just shame to inhale.
I will extinguish ,
flaming out the demons.
For then my soul will purify
i will b freed.
Come back poem!
Jun 2015 · 554
Asim Javid Jun 2015
i wanted to write
exactly what i felt
but somehow
the paper stayed empty

and i could not have described
it any better
Jun 2015 · 2.3k
Asim Javid Jun 2015
modified one
Jun 2015 · 1.4k
Asim Javid Jun 2015
There are times when
you are not yourself.
You blend into something
unwantedly & unwillingly.
Something that is
too distant from your
psyche & guise.
The transfiguration makes
you a whole another person,
one beyond your bridle.
But you always hit back to
your archetypal persona.
The endeavor to recrudescence
is always tenacious,
summating unscrupulous inscriptions to your crasis.
People will judge you
on this substructure of your psyche.
But this is not who you are
& what you are!
It is mere an icky phase.
Your elucidation lies beyond
this transfigured self.
Never relinquish your
pristine pneuma.
We all face a transfiguration sometime.
May 2015 · 806
Asim Javid May 2015
I died as a mineral and became a plant,
I died as plant and rose to animal,
I died as animal and I was Man.
Why should I fear? When was I less by dying?
Yet once more I shall die as Man, to soar
With angels blest; but even from angelhood
I must pass on: all except God doth perish.
When I have sacrificed my angel-soul,
I shall become what no mind ever conceived.
May 2015 · 376
Asim Javid May 2015
“The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you
Don't go back to sleep!
You must ask for what you really want.
Don't go back to sleep!
People are going back and forth
across the doorsill where the two worlds touch,
The door is round and open
Don't go back to sleep!”
May 2015 · 699
Asim Javid May 2015
A strange passion is moving
in my head. My heart
has become a bird, which
searches in the sky. Every
part of me goes in the different
directions. Is it really so
that the one I love is
May 2015 · 436
Asim Javid May 2015
Even with all the joy going around
you can never cherish it  if you are not happy and contended with your own- self.
No matter with how many events your life gets filled with, there will always be an immeasurable Void.
May 2015 · 13.7k
Asim Javid May 2015
Having hardships in life is somewhat
we all have to face .
No matter how positive we foresee our lives ,
struggle towards serenity is never effortless.
We all are embedded in deadlocks of life.
we will collapse in gyration of  dilemma.
As quoted by Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w)
“Happy is the man who avoids hardships, but how fine is the man who is afflicted and shows endurance"
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