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You may not see it
Cause no one dare show it
But lives are crumbling all around
The boy having a "bad week"
The girl who wears her hair down to hide her face
The person who always sits alone and turns others away
Or maybe someone extremely close
Who hides behind a "changed personality"
Or a "oh, I'm just out of it today"
Open your eyes
And see life is nowhere near what it seems
Ash Jones Jul 10
Lurking in the dark
I am a shadow among candles
Believing I am alone
But I decided to break the bonds holding me in the dark
I showed my dark form to the candles
Their hate
Caused me to fall
I fell back into the darkness
And there I laid
Until a dark flame lit up my world
They dragged me back into the light
Where I now live alongside the candles.
Ash Jones Jul 9
Sheer luck
Is what it takes
To not know about the demons in the world.
Both your inner demons
And the demons around you
Are always on the hunt.
The only way to avoid the demons,
Is to be fierce and soar above them.
To escape them,
Channel your inner dragon
So you can soar
And follow your dreams.
Never let the demons drag you down.
Ash Jones Jul 9
Today, the winds of change blow strong
They blow for the better
Even over the sea of sorrows and despair
Open your sails on this day
And let the winds help you
Back to the shores
And let me help guide you
So we can both stand on the shores of happiness
And yell at the top of our lungs
“You’ll never beat us
We’ll always pull through”
From there, the world is ours to conquer.
Ash Jones Jul 9
The gentle autumn wind
The flap of a bird’s wings
And everything changed
His life flipped upside down
He flew away from what he knew
He left that life behind and started anew
From that point forward, he was happy with life
He never worried about what was and what will be.
Ash Jones Jul 9
"Brandish your blades" the king calls.
"Fight for glory" he yells to his men.
He then charges into battle
Believing his men run behind him
The foolish king runs amidst the enemy
And bullies his way to his opposition.
From his perch on his horse
The enemy looks down upon the king.
Looks down upon him for his foolishness and his näivete.
His foolishness for charging in without an army
And his näivete for believing his men hadn’t turned against the old king.
The enemy strikes down the old king
Out of mercy for nothing else.
He lets the king’s body rot on the field
To show him the error of his ways.
Ash Jones Jul 9
Woven from strands
Of dead plants.
Yet, ironically,
It’s essential for survival.
But then people
Come along and use it
For something
It was never meant to do.
Those people need to realise
What it’s truly meant for.
Help them realise
That they assumed wrong
When they thought
That is what it was used for.
Show them the truth
And help set them free.

— The End —