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Ashton G Feb 2019
I don’t understand
How you can still call me beautiful
While I stand here
With all my scars on display
Yet the words never failed or faltered to leave your mouth

Here I am
My skin bare and my soul naked
Your lips graze over my thighs, my arms, my chest
Erasing the marks made by dirtied hands
Loving the sullied innocence

Love me, the way I wish to have been loved all my life
Love me, the way I never believed I deserved
Love me, the way you always have

Here I stand
My scars shown
My life ready to be read
My heart open to you

For I love you
And every crevice and curve
Every line and every build
Every word from your mouth
Every smile

I shall love you
The way you love me

I don’t understand
How you love the parts I loathe.
I understand
You love me.
I understand
I love you.
I understand love,
That’s all I need
Ashton G Nov 2018
I need to leave these four walls behind me.
Couches stuffed with dust and pennies in the crevices
Moth-eaten curtains that kept just enough sunlight out
Floor boards that creaked and moaned in the middle of the night when Dad finally came home
Doors that shook the house during Big Brother's anger
Glasses broken when Mom finally had enough
Closets locked when I realized who I was

This is my house
Fake happy for our neighbours
Forced smiles for our guests
Pretend love for those who came to the door

I need to find a way out
To escape
Find somewhere safe
A better place
I can't wait to go Home
Ashton G Aug 2018
Sticks and stones
Sticks and stones
Will always break my bones
But it is my thoughts
That sneak into my room,
My s a n c t u a r y,
In the middle of the night
While I am most vulnerable
That **** me
Ashton G Nov 2017
How many names
          Has history let go from its books?
                    How many stones are filled with letters
          That no one remembers?
How many faces were lost to the wind?

The countless forgotten names
The countless forgotten lives
                                                                               The ones that unraveled

I shall not be another name on a stone
     Lost in the wind
          Without a fingerprint left on this world
               Nothing left of me to find

This is my fear
          That no one will hear
                    A single verse, curse
          That I've spit out for all who are near
To show you all of the worst

I will not be another forgotten name
          I will stake my claim
                    I will take aim
                              And I will f  i  r  e

I will make a difference
          I will work to end the sufferance
                    Of all those who can't fend for themselves
          I will fight against ignorance
I will be belligerent

                                  Just wait
Ashton G Jul 2017
I wish you knew
Just how beautiful you are.
              I wish you knew
Just how lovely you are.
              I wish you knew
Just how much you mean to me.
              I wish
                            I wish
                                          I wish
                                                       I wish for so many things

If you knew,
              What would you say?
                            I know how you see me
                                          I know how you feel
                                                        I know this
                                          I've always known
                            But that doesn't stop this
              It doesn't stop the pain I feel in my heart
It doesn't stop the joy I feel in my heart

A sea in the middle of a storm crashes in my head.
              A sea of thoughts,
                            Of feelings
                                          That I can't control
                                                             ­        Out
                                                             ­                      Of
                                                              ­                                   C o n t r o l

I know I can't have you.
I know it's useless to try.
I know you're unable to love me
              I know
                            I know
                                          I know
                                                        I know so
                                          Why must I feel this way?
                            Why must my heart torture me like this?

One day,
              This will pass.
One day,
              I won't hurt like this
One day,
              I might even tell
                                          Y o u
Ashton G Jun 2017
**** me now, or **** me never,
Do not taunt me with the endeavor.
Do not spit your empty threats at me,
Unless you will do so as you please.
Yell and lie as you will
And spout your nonexistent ability to ****.
Do not tell what should be,
Because no one decides anything but me.
So **** me now, or **** me never,
But do no taunt me, or I will greet you with the endeavor.
Ashton G Jun 2017
On the road,
The road to where, you might ask.
You are never sure where you might end up if you take this road
But, there is always an adventure upon it.
Mountains and ditches,
Peaks higher than the heavens,
Furrows lower than the depths of the ocean.
This road is hard and long
And you could always take the easier path,
But this road will lead to a place that could never be found along the easy path.
The lows will be painful, but the thrill of the highs will be make it worth all the while.
On the road,
The road  to where, you might  ask;
Take the risk and you may find out
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