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I remember it in colour
A lurid confetti of moments
Made of every possible hue
Most were blown westward
But still I kept a few.

Paper has a fate, like ours
As colour soon turns to dust
Yet we strive to return the lustre
And try again we must.

So we notice fresh new colours
As we paint another sky
Redrawing all those hours
Which went flashing by.

I spray my sun a stagnant yellow
And drown the horizon in doleful blue
But the picture is as imperfect
As my memories of you.
 Mar 2017 Ash Rose
I just want to hold on to you and feel you breathe...
Its all I need
 Mar 2017 Ash Rose
Luna Marie
It's getting harder to breathe...
Is it because I'm hiding way too much underneath?
It wasn't like this the first time,
Or was I just blinded by your loving crime?
They were gentle at first,
But now there's this sudden burst.
...No, it's not passion,
Because it's not leaving me with any satisfaction.
It's dead, dark, and deceitful.
It's foul, frantic, and forceful.
It's not love
Am I just your toy?
 Mar 2017 Ash Rose
Luna Marie
I'm somewhere right now...
I'm on that missing person poster,
I'm on the TV,
With people asking about me.
I'm hiding in some motel thinking how?
How am I in so many different places,
Yet I never cross your mind
Do you even think about me anymore?
 Mar 2017 Ash Rose
Luna Marie
He says that he's leaving..
And that it wasn't my fault.
I'm trying not to cry and yet his face is beaming,
He's hiding something in that vault.

He'll be gone for a year...
Where? I don't know.
Wherever it is, he'll be there and I'll be here.
He's really antsy, he really wants to go.

Thousands of miles apart,
He'll forget me and yet...
He will always have my heart.
They always leave me... Maybe the problem is me.
 Mar 2017 Ash Rose
Luna Marie
Love is like a street,
It goes both ways.
Unless it's like our love...
Then it's called *one way
And in the end, it was only I who fell in love.
 Mar 2017 Ash Rose
Luna Marie
We travelers don't fall in love to be in love,
We let our hearts open for no other reason
Than genuine awe of another being
Who may or may not reciprocate our feelings,
So we'll laugh and cry bittersweet tears and smiles
Until either nothing, or everything is what's left.
This was inspired by one of my favorite poems, but I don't exactly remember what it was called though..
 Mar 2017 Ash Rose
Luna Marie
There's a new feeling...
It came kind of randomly.
...It's not a bad feeling,
It feels kinda nice actually.

What is this feeling that I'm feeling?
It feels like something is coming.
Where is this feeling?
It sounds like my heart is drumming.

Why am I getting this feeling?
Oh man, it's him...
Is he the reason why I'm getting this feeling?
Woah, the world just went dim.

I don't know this feeling...
He just said "Hi"
What is this feeling?
Am I falling for this guy?
 Mar 2017 Ash Rose
Julie Grenness
This is an ode for a friend,
Her love for her family has no end,
It's playtime with Grandma for
Her grandsons, "Let's play dinosaurs!"
Good for her, let's clap,
Her living legacy, two little chaps,
I bet they love Grandma heaps,
In their hearts her they'll keep,
Likewise, her family love  has no end,
Here's an ode for you, my friend....
Feedback welcome.
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