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Ashley 6d
i wonder if you think about how you ****** me up as much as i think about how i ****** you up
Ashley Jan 1
the drought has yet to end
but my petals are still holding on strong

you see
blooming season is upon me
and i have decided relinquishing
is no appendage

as seeds are planted with purpose


blooming season is upon me
as i brace myself to dance among the meadow
and hide my colors
no more
i hope everyone can be a bit more gentle to themselves in the coming year
i feel that good things are in store for all of us
happy new year
Ashley Dec 2019
she’s wept so much that
fish now swim among her anxieties
algae feed on her negativity
and man fish for her insecurities

the ocean consumes her despite her creation
and she is back to where she started
barely alive
barely breathing

and yet somehow
far more alone than
she was at the start
  Nov 2019 Ashley
she is the heaven
you would go to hell for
  Nov 2019 Ashley
ok okay
Pretty people get jobs easier
I wonder if they get accepted into heaven easier as well
Ashley Nov 2019
stupid girl
soon no one will be left
but it doesn’t really matter anyways
when it felt like no one was there
in the first place
Ashley Jul 2019
writer's block has never been worse
i cannot find a single ******* word
to explain how much i love you

and i write poems
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