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Ashley Willson Nov 2018
I remember loving her
With lips and hands and lust
She was
Exactly as I wished I could be
An ideal gripped tight in her hands
Crushed into muscle and bone
Her skin wrapped around
Taught perfection
I let my tongue lap her up
Blistering with passion
Finding no fault but my own
Cradled in her flawless fingers
And I wept
There with aching belly
Laid across a lap not unlike my own
Filled with a longing
*** cannot satisfy
Unfathomably wounded
That such a creature could exist
Side by side with myself
And call me beautiful
Ashley Willson Nov 2018
A siren calls
Descant death
Across turbulent
Dark seas
and king Poseidon
Stirs awake

His skin
Colored cream
Swirling flood
Watery graves
Among a shipwreck
Of sugary dreams

By white walls
She smiles
From her perch
Warming fingertips
Scalded tongue

She trills through
Gate crash veins
Ashley Willson Nov 2018
It's a promise to myself
to return to the person
who once wrote poems
and saw something brighter
in each new day
I hope to find her
and bring her back
to the light
because I lost her somewhere
between becoming unmoored
and wandering still
and after losing you
here I am
opening this text box
new webpage
to see what words
I might have written
If I had the language
still left in my soul
Let's see what is left.
Ashley Willson Jun 2017
I am that girl
glass broken
cuts bleeding
into unforgiving soil
and yet I lay
unfeelingly cold
by a warm body
and struggling
with sleep
I can't abandon
to the past
where she belongs
Ashley Willson Jun 2017
See that dead girl
walking there
hear the lilting chimes
of brokenness
sea glass
as she moves past
her spirit has been gone
for so long
an emptied canister
of cold hands and
colder eyes
the wind sweeps her
a susurrus of voices
white ghost glances
on foreign sidewalks
and sidelong smiles
a world of so many
might not miss
just one
Ashley Willson Jun 2017
My text messages are a graveyard.
Your name with an epitaph of some nonsense
about YouTube
that I regret not responding to.
That was two days before my Facebook
became your eulogy.
In memoriam- and unending posts to a wall
that will never be read by you.
A wall I can't bring myself to write on.
And my outgoing calls list is devoid of
but riddled with my guilt.
My photos lack your life
your smile
yet my thoughts are nothing but.
I knew the why and the how and still
I was helpless to help you.

The letter you wrote months ago;
shaky handwriting and smudged ink...
Did you leave it for me to read?
Ashley Willson Jun 2017
You could not sail
my tumultuous seas
your hands too soft
for raft and rope
your eyes too dark
to see the stars
your heart too heavy
weighing you down
but I yearn still
for the storm to quell
for the sailor
emboldened by wisdom
able to navigate
the swells in me
to be willing just the same
to drown alongside
my body and soul
to grasp my
in the shimmering
last light caught
in burning lungs
bottomless ocean
swallowing you down
in the whirlpool
of my anchor lips
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