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52.5k · May 2014
A fairy poked my little nose
And gave me a sense of adventure
And now every time that I'm held back
I wonder what that scent was meant for.
37.6k · Jul 2014
Goodnight All
Goodnight all, I'm done
I will see you at sunrise
Or somewhere in there.
Maybe more like 9:30
36.4k · Nov 2014
Your love is algebra
I can't find the formula
If I could find the right calculator,
I could define your euphoria.

Your love is geometry
I can't find the angles
If I could prove your theories,
It wouldn't be a shambles.

Your love is trigonometry
I can't figure it out
If I spent an entire notebook, perhaps
I'd still have doubts.

Your love is a mystery
Just as the greatest math
Although worth much,
Seems irrelevant to my path.
31.7k · Apr 2014
Algebra II
Walking through imaginary woods
I tripped over a root strangely square
Fell and hit my head on a log
And radically, I'm still there.
28.7k · May 2014
Reach for the blue sky;
Even when you think it's clear,
You'll run into couds.
27.3k · Jul 2014
My fears crushed me
You crushed all my fears.
26.3k · Apr 2014
Popcorn & Coffee
A little coffee
And a whole lot of popcorn
Makes homework better.
24.3k · Apr 2014
It was just perfect
And then you laughed at her joke
It was beautiful.
23.1k · Apr 2014
"Are windows open?"
Said he, "I'm cold."
"Only the windows,"
Said I, "of your soul."
22.8k · Apr 2014
Why is the sky blue
When the earth is brown and grey
And black and so dark?
22.5k · Nov 2014
Energy to speak
And breath to engage with you;
Not enough for *math.
21.0k · Apr 2014
I've taken to carrying a pencil around
Whether I sit or stand
For it seems exceptionally true these days
I can't think without a pencil in hand.
and I don't know if that's a good thing....
20.1k · Apr 2014
He said that I looked
Pretty, as a compliment
But it made me doubt;
I felt that he shouldn't have
It made me feel insecure.
19.7k · Apr 2014
10 PM Energy
It's 10 PM and I can't fall asleep
Try as hard as I may
It's frustrating and I wonder why I
Can't have this energy in the day.
19.5k · Apr 2014
Sky, oh won't you cry
And sing a song of sadness
Rain and run the risk.
18.2k · Nov 2014
It's that cold, small lump
Lying in my stomach here
Keeping me away.
I wish I had the guts to
I wish I had bravery.
17.4k · Apr 2014
Nobody knows me
I am a stranger to all
Especially me.
17.3k · May 2014
Sprinkled in your hair,
Every screen saver you had,
Planted in your yard,
'Till he gave them a bad name;
Then all of your flowers died.
17.1k · Oct 2014
I mean nice
in the most sarcastic way
'Cause I disagree
with everything you have to say.
16.6k · Apr 2014
Like an old piano
Scratches along every keystroke
You played her,
Played her until she broke
16.1k · Apr 2014
Leave Me
Leave me alone
to wait and to wander
Leave me alone
to wish my life away
Leave me to go
where I dared not before you
Leave me to grow
in a way you never could.
15.9k · May 2014
You were the morning
When the sun returns with hope
Now night confuses.
15.5k · Apr 2014
I feel strong tonight

A hundred songs burst from me

In colorful bloom

The darkness holds fear no more

I laugh in the face of death 

Dreams cannot threaten

I fear no nightly phantom

Day will come with joy

But until then I will sleep

And rest my wearied body. 

My mind is awake

Thought after thought captures me

Musings, wonderings, 

Daydreams before I slumber;

Life is bright and wonderful. 

Yes, I feel strong tonight.
15.1k · Apr 2014
If you waited long,
And your waiting was in vain
Will you wait again?
15.0k · Apr 2014
My eyes hurt
Maybe it's from staring at the computer
for so long
Maybe it's bad for my eyes

My eyes hurt
Maybe it's because I'm tired and didn't get
enough sleep
Maybe it's bad for my eyes

My eyes hurt
Maybe it's from the mascara I just started wearing
to get attention
Maybe it's bad for my eyes

My eyes hurt
Maybe it's from the hard music I listen to
to make sense of stuff
Maybe it's bad for my eyes

My eyes hurt
Maybe it's because I feel like crying but I'm
keeping it in
Maybe it's bad for my eyes.
14.5k · May 2014
2. Orange
The sun was in haze
Smoke or dust shrouded mountains
I felt stranded here.
12.7k · May 2014
3. Yellow
Sometimes people say
That I have yellow hair—um...
Sorry. It's called *blonde.
12.4k · Apr 2014
Ignore You
I want to ignore
Everything you ever were
But that is hopeless.
12.4k · Apr 2014
Excuse me sir, but
"Heartbreak" isn't metaphor
It's physical pain.
12.3k · Aug 2014
We are never blessed without reason.
It's not because of anything that you have done,
or anything you deserve.
You're given a blessing to share with others.
*That's why you're here.
11.8k · Nov 2014
Tread not on empty ground,
For the skies may stretch across
And the grass may abound upon the earth,
But you'll not thrive in the desert lost.
11.2k · Apr 2014
I almost died, and
Then realized at long last
That no one noticed
11.2k · Jul 2014
Life is a segway
If you let God handle it
It balances out.
My other bro told me to write about a segway.
11.1k · Mar 2014
Curiosity killed the cat
And it was the ninth life, at that.
11.0k · May 2014
Honesty with Mom—
Telling her my secret fears—
Nothing is better.
10.3k · Jul 2014
Was kind to me
And sometimes I could fly.

Fate, you see
Excluded me
And I felt I'd never die.
9.9k · Aug 2014
Not quite sure, am I,
Neither certain nor at ease.
I find no resolution
In this step in front of me.

I have no metric measures
To plumb this storm ocean,
And if I tried to name the weather,
It would match my emotion.

Life is not a picnic,
No matter what some may say
It picks you up and throws you
Bound to dent, nick, and fray.
9.8k · Apr 2014
I'm a flame
Can't you see me burn?
I'm a fire
When will you ever learn?

I'm a match
Ignite me and feel me chafe;
I'm a blaze
Can't touch me and stay safe.
9.8k · Apr 2014
Deep inside me come,
Up from somewhere deep and great:
Drums, drums in the deep,
Constant drumming in my head,
I cannot ignore.
9.6k · May 2014
Tired-hungry days
Get me down like nothing else
Except for those ones,
Missing-the-past days, and you
The days when I just miss you.
9.5k · May 2014
Tired & Sleepy....
I'm tired...
I'm sleepy...
And the way I cannot think is getting creepy.
I'm worn out...
But if I take a nap now, I'll get busted.
Yeah. Can't think here.
9.2k · Apr 2014
He Was Hungry
Gave him my sandwich
Because he was hungry, and
Wouldn't have eaten.
But I have something greater...
He needed that more.
Give a man a sandwich, you'll feed him for a day (or if he's a teenage boy, for an hour)
Give a man the gospel, and you'll feed his soul for eternity.
9.0k · Jun 2014
Grumpy Morning
8.9k · Apr 2014
I feel like I'm walking on the seashore
Some ground firm, some not anymore

Reality's clear when I don't think of you
But when my mind slips, I lose that good view.

It seems that I wallow in sand to my knees
When all I am doing is aiming to please

But when I look to what God asks
It's easier than struggling to fulfill my own tasks.

I feel like I'm walking on the seashore
And a lot of what fazed me can't anymore.
8.5k · Apr 2014
The wind blows on the prairie
The wind blows on the moor
The wind blows in the ferry
None compare to your speech before.
8.2k · Apr 2014
So I'm going camping—
I just hope I don't  
Stay bored all day.

So I'm sleeping on hard ground—
I just hope it doesn't
Get to me.

So I'm getting family time—
That'll be great!
The best thing that'll happen
Will be the memories we make.
8.2k · Nov 2014
They always tell me,
Blood is thicker than water:
But the salt in me
Is the salt of the great sea
Tied of ropes thicker than blood.
8.1k · Apr 2014
I'm afraid of you
Because I shouldn't, and then
Because you want me to.
8.0k · May 2014
I fell for you
like a moth to the light.
Moths die.
7.9k · May 2014
When I look in the mirror
I close my eyes sometimes
And when I open them...

I'm still here.
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