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Ashley Morrissey Jun 2010
Perfection's never something,
You can capture oh so well.
But her beauty burned like gazing,
At the fires that burn in Hell.

And people they would beg of her,
"Let me capture you in photograph."
But with beauty that was so obscure,
She'd always turn and laugh.

She woke up every morning,
But this was a different one.
Called an artist that was yearning,
"We can do this just for fun."

She stained her lips with rose.
Painted her cheeks in the fairest rouge.
Slipped ballet flats upon her toes.
And in her sundress she found refuge.

The amateur had no say,
She had planned the perfect spot.
She whispered, "I'll lead the way."
A small price to pay to get the perfect shot.

Her movements were so delicate,
It's as if they were devised.
She used a subtle hand wave to indicate,
That they had finally arrived.

You would think you'd see a castle,
Or maybe a field of green.
But this enviroment was quite the hassle,
Maybe her sense of taste wasn't keen.

She thrusted weeds away,
Steering clear of twigs and rocks.
The warm wind made her sundress sway,
And softly tousled her gold locks.

Upon a bridge she advanced,
The planks began to creak.
The water below her danced,
And sunset began to peak.

She lifted her legs with elegance,
And supported herself with a beam.
The photographer shuttered in benevolence,
But followed along with this dangerous scheme.

It's as if the camera was under a spell;
As beneath the bridge, waves violentally lashed.
She threw her arms out and willingly fell,
As the light grew bright and flashed.

The tides pulled tight around her.
They made her twirl and spin.
And the camera man swore,
she smiled as they tugged her in.

Perfection's not that fluent.
Not something you can capture oh so well.
But now we have a picture here to prove it,
As the waves dragged her to Hell.
Ashley Morrissey Jun 2010
Spent her last 3 dollars on two plastic rings.
She always spends her last pennies on pointless things.
Checks under her bed to make sure there's nothing there.
Through her bedroom window she sits and just stares.
She's alone in her room while everyone's in the sun.
They ask her to play and all she can do is run.

Down her stairs and through her doors.
She can run for miles, maybe more.

Lost her voice talking to her dog.
Took a shower and regained it in the fog.
Her mom always said, "Warm water heals all."
And she remembers those words as the water falls.
Her dad knocks on the door to check if she's okay.
She threw on her clothes and ran away.

Down the stairs, into the room with the dolls.
She sat on the floor and became one of them all.

The radio was blaring an acoustic of words,
she sang so loud she forgot the chords.
She spun her arms out wide and twirled around.
When a rock hit the window it made a clinking sound.
She switched off the radio and slipped on her shoes,
she took her steps in variables of two.

Down her stairs and out the back door-way.
She kept running as a young man begged her to stay.

Fell asleep on her desk doing math in her head,
she dreamt she was in someone's bed.
With arms around her that clung so tight,
she heard a voice and everything went white.
A gasp escapes her breath, the room turns to look at her,
but all that's left is a pile of books on the floor.

Down the stairs and past her peers,
her throat goes tight and her eyes fill with tears.

When to her side she saw a blur,
a young man was trying to keep up with her.
Breathless and frightened, she saw a tree.
She fell to the ground and laid underneath.
Her eyes were tightly closed but she felt two hands,
she raises her eyelids and sees the young man.

Down the hill, she tried to run away,
but something inside her told her to stay.

In a field on her back,
she laid on a blanket filled of random knick-knacks.
Mixing them around and admiring them all,
she was interrupted by a familiar call.
A flower in her hair of curls,
she looked up to smile at the young man whom was hers.

Down the field and up to the skies,
they laid together and watched the sun rise.

Spent his last year worth of paychecks on two diamond rings,
he always likes to buy her things.
But this one's special and she'll know it soon,
he'll tell her why this afternoon.
Underneath a tree as he asks for her hand,
he'll soon be husband and not just a young man.

Down past their new house and all across the land,
you can hear whispers of a story of the girl who no longer ran.
Ashley Morrissey Jun 2010
Sitting on this dusty shelf, pretty as can be.
Inside this little locked up room is all your glass eyes see.

Seeing what's around you, knowing nothing more.
If only you could break through this wooden door.

Such a pretty face, imperfections there are none.
Too bad when you were made, your life was already done.

Pity is for you, you're such a pretty doll.
If only you could see what lies beyond these walls.
Ashley Morrissey Jun 2010
The morning, the sun, it's in my eyes.
I smile, I laugh, a compromise.
Let's force some laughter upon this distress.
These feelings, terrible feelings, I'd like to repress.

Tears stream, center stage.
Another day, another page.

The sun sets, pour me another
That which I feel, undercover.
Gazing, dreaming, join me please?
My heart, once broken, and now it's teased.

Tears stream, center stage.
Another day, another page.

Birds chirping, I rest my head.
Stop thinking, just go to bed.
Lonely, living, I love alone.
One more page, destination: unknown.
Ashley Morrissey Jun 2010
Cold, dark night.

Eyes start to close, but I fight.

Black road, yellow lines.

Just watching the cars go by

Heart racing, mind blank.

Feeling a little shaky, but I try to think.

I feel lonely, I can't lie.

Just watching the people pass by.

Wanting this world to change,

Suddenly I'm feeiling quite strange.

The days at a low, but the clouds are still high,

Just watching airplanes fly by.

Empty, vulnerable, numb to the soul.

Piecing myself together but I can't feel whole.

If I said I was happy it would be a lie,

Just watching the days go by.

New, confusing day.

I planted my feet, I think I'll stay.

My eyes begin to cry.

Just watching my life fly by.
Ashley Morrissey Jun 2010
Hello Sunset, I've seen you much,
these sleeping pills lost their touch.

I itch for sleep; I yearn to dream,
but every option lost it's gleam.

The stars my friends, eye drops my drug.
Count spots on the ceiling, lay on my rug.

It seems this day has lasted a week.
My body's worn, my eye lids tweak.

Shallow thoughts, dark circles deep.
I can try some more, but I can not sleep.

Messy hair, look in the mirror.
My vision's blurry but this dilemma is clearer.

Time unlimited, sleep I lack.
Hello there, Insomniac.
Ashley Morrissey Jun 2010
I'm not a pair of eyes, nor the smile that I share.
I'm not defined by my size, or the color of my hair.
I'm not another toy, just to use & throw away.
My life revolves around not one boy, or if he chose to stay.
In a world of clones, "the machine" made a mistake.
A glass house & a stone; a norm I was meant to break.
My lips were meant to move, my tongue came untied.
If they said I had something to prove; well, they lied.
My skin is just a tone, my face was just by chance.
Rings just hold a stone, & feet were meant to dance.
Life is not a game, there's more out there for me.
I will wear my name, & tell my story.
All may not hear, all may not care.
My heart came in sheer, my emotions I will bare.
Few choose to stand, many need a crutch.
I'll hold your hand, but only for the touch.
And when I leave this world, as everyone does.
Remember not a girl, but who she really was.
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