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Ashley Jack Nov 2017
Holding your hand as tight as could be
skin to skin care-
aid my racing heart and your uncertainty,

holding yours when mine seems to be as small as a seed,
yesterday taught me how one step is all it takes,
expanding ones mind is all one needs-

holding yours when mine seems to be as small as a seed,
at this moment and many to come
has me looking through your eyes and many more than I could hope to seize,
leading me to educate myself on the spirit that lives on in other shoes.

Holding yours when mine seems to be as small as a seed,
today when yours seemed to be a withering tree-
from the worlds many vast secrets.

Holding yours when mine seems to be as small as a seed,
tomorrow it taught me how to lift my head high-
seeking sight is silly when it’s in the palm of your hand.

Holding yours when mine seems to be as small as a seed,
next fall it can only grow into  blossoming flower,
the colors you believed it to be-

holding yours when mine seems to be as small as a seed,
growth continues with you in my heart, mind and soul,
no fatigue was gained in the labor endured.

Holding yours when mine once seemed to be as small as a seed,
from the touch of many souls-
linking one to many.

Holding your hand as tight as could be-
aid your racing heart and my uncertainty.
11.6.2017 - Biggie
Ashley Jack Jan 2017
Living with the ones you are created to know to protect shouldn't be a question of house arrest.
Take your best shot at the rest  of the jumping jests.
Hold back the countless turns in your quest.
Dress up or down with a tight vest.
A family crest doesn't hold a true bless.
More like a mess.
Pressed  like the well dressed over in the west.
Consider the ignorant wrest.
A possible attest to you equating to a backrest.
I confessed because I'm distressed with being everyone's footrest.
Allow me to test your obsessed address.
You have digressed.
I am no longer impressed or can digest.
Keep your hands on your own infested chest.
Dropped it like a pest.
You must be depressed.
I  must detest to your uncaring divest.
I have assessed your unmoving words that are compressed.
Be a house guest and do not take another quest.
Throw up what you have ingest over this year of conquest.
Ashley Jack Jan 2017
To and fro my hand goes.
To say goodbye or hello.
No one knows.

To wave goodbye.
To wave hello.

Up and down my voice goes.
One after another goes to the unknown.
Whichever way is chosen.

Will only give you the amount of wrong turns you chose.
Plus the tiny amount of right.

To and fro my hand goes.
To say goodbye or hello.
Only I know.
Ashley Jack Jan 2017
How can there be,
When there is no we,
Be put onto me.

Who can there be,
Where there is no we,
with the lack of me.

What can there be,
Why must we,
Continue with me.
Ashley Jack Jan 2017
The universe has returned once again,
capture and contain an end that began,
improved sight bringing back
what was once lost,
a grant of reprieve only at a cost.

Stubborn to secure order to surpass,
having a pair of knuckles made of brass.

Overwhelmed with intense significance,
taken a back with great coincidence.

Daringly so compare stars to the sun,
tenacious to bury the beat to run.

Diminished and contained as an insignificant mouse would outwit a cat-
a perceived mission as it once was composed.

Evermore significant,
with intense fear.
Ashley Jack Jan 2017
Devoured by tears,
limitless from overhead.

Shadows of the darkness,
obscured beyond the reliable,
below the level of commotion.

Seized by the crowned mortal,
immense ground available,
alluring treasure-
inaccessible to your grasp.

Malnourished for a resting place.
Endless research,
determined as a predator upon its prey-

deliver the finest farewell,
a compressing muzzle,
against the dauntless.
Ashley Jack Jan 2017
There was once a roller coaster,
the best one around.
It never ceased to reach the clouds and the stars beyond.
Until one day it started to come down.
It took a lot of time during its decent.
Once it made it back down to earth,
It crashed and became pieces of metal once more.
The metal over time began to rust.
Withering away.
The ones who made this coaster never thought the best would one day end.
They quickly came up with a plan.
What they did not realize is that they could not replicate what was once great.
They changed their tactics.
The ones who made the coaster morphed it into something new.
Extravagant once more.
It was never the same again.
The metal was sanded down,
******* back together and repainted.
The only one who knew was the old roller coaster that was made anew.
That the past will never diminish.
No matter how replaceable its pieces must be.
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