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Ashley Browne Dec 2014
Ain't nothing humerus about it.
EDIT: I passed!!
  Nov 2014 Ashley Browne
Frown upon my withered heart!
and wipe away my tears.
Catch the nightmares, catch my dreams,
ensnare my childish fears.

Protect me, Catcher, put me down
and watch me sleep to-day.
the worries they encase me,
my dream’s the price I pay.

The morning comes unfiltered
the cycle is broken for now
Oh Catcher! my Catcher!
My faithful night snatcher!
Laid a kiss on my wavering brow.
I love my dreamcatcher
Ashley Browne Nov 2014
My skin dries out in winter
My nail-beds crack and bleed
So I reach for the lotion that
My fingers really need

But if lotion soothed each part of me
That was no longer whole
I'd squeeze it all out in my hands
And rub it on my soul
Ashley Browne Nov 2014
dad left
for his second tour of duty
on my third birthday

mom kept
a jar full of jelly beans
on the living room coffee table

every night
she gave me one to eat, saying
"when these jelly beans
are all eaten up,
dad will come back home"

i would sneak another,
to help dad come home sooner

one night
the phone rang
and i watched mom
wipe away a tear
as she filled
the jar
On this Remembrance Day, I think of all those who have served, with a special thought for Dad.  And though she has no medals, I also think of Mom; every tour of duty Dad went through, she went through too, taking care of us on her own.

*** Edit: Thank you for all your kind words!  Due to a recent outpouring of sympathy, I feel it necessary to clear up the fact that my dad did in fact make it home from this mission; his tour had simply been extended for an additional 3 months.  Still, it isn't easy being part of a military family - and that's what I meant to show. ***
Ashley Browne Nov 2014
friends exchange
knowing looks and nods
i wish i could hide
shrivel up
doesn't matter anyway...

i'm invisible
  Nov 2014 Ashley Browne
Wellan Xi
There is a storm.
Raging in my brain.
A **** storm.
In my **** brain.
Torrential diarrhea.
Tangential galleria.
I’m gone.
Beyond Pepto-Bismol.
Nothing to be done.
Too much to wipe away.
Poetic explosion.
Pathetic implosion.
What are you feeding me?
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