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Ashley Bertram Oct 2014
The scent rose up like bonfire smoke,
And increased with each powerful ****,
Now here we are together as one
It is time that our story had begun.
Years ago, on a night such as this,
An epic tale began with true love’s kiss.
The impact created quite the stir;
Enough to make the tragedy occur,
And while it seems that all is lost
History is not yet embossed.

It started on a hill, you see,
With flowers here, and honey bees,
The one so precious, her charm did glow,
She made every wish with a loving blow.
As he lay there, lost in her gaze,
The dandelion fluff created a haze.
It wasn’t until the bombs went off;
The blood poured and the lungs coughed.
The gruesome sight was one for sore eyes,
But the couple held tight despite all the cries.

No one was sure of the events to come
They waited in fear for the reliant war drum.
As the deep booms bellowed throughout the valley,
People scurried, dodging down every alley.
The woman, so worried, called out in fright,
And the man, yes he tried with all of his might,
But the soldiers they took her ******* and gagged,
All the while she heard them as they pompously bragged.
A shot to the heart, and he was to blame,
Yet the heartbroken widow felt much shame.

His corpse lay so still and cold,
She cries every night, growing so old,
As much time that’s gone by to this day,
She’s plotted and determined, these men, they must pay.
Under cover of darkness, with knives sharpened just so,
She tied them to their beds, so there was nowhere to go.
Drowning out the screams, humming the song of two lovers,
She grabs her sweet knife and pulled back the covers.
And with multiple stabs you know what she got?
Sweet, sweet revenge for her lover’s deadly shot.
Ashley Bertram Oct 2014
It was in that moment
that the veil was dropped
and it could not have been
anything more than magickal.

Those sweet lips,
they just called to me.
I answered;
Longingly, passionately.

Oh, can you feel it?
The cold, hard stare of
Judgement baring down,
Reminding me of my sins.

Then, at the strike of the hour
You were gone into the night-
And with the sound of the alarms
I awoke from my slumber.
Ashley Bertram Apr 2014
I watched as it began.
It was with that single, trickling drop
The undisputable urge took control
Rolling the storm and it's fury
Across the skies and,  
Feeding the hunger below.

Much like a woman scorn,
The pressure beat down
Upon the earth mercilessly
Prodding over and over,
Showing the true meaning of Nature,
And how shamefully indulgent she can be.

Yet you, you beautiful creature,
Throughout the thunder and lights
You stayed unveiled and unsheltered,
Letting every single part of you
Become drenched in the sins
Of the past, present, and future.

The pure beauty of the scene
Is breathtaking, to say the least.
I Envy you as you take control,
(Like you always do so well,)
With such grace and intellect, but you are
Still so oblivious to my endeared reverence.

So we simply waited as the storm came to it's end.
Together but not together.
Apart but not apart.
You looked at me, so longingly and sincerely,
But I just couldn't find the words to say,
So at dawn's first light you flew away.
Ashley Bertram Dec 2013
She's come so far
For everything to fall apart.
She masks the pain behind
A sweetened, broken smile.
The truth, so plain,
Stares her down.
The simple sound of her own shame
Haunts and taunts and blocks
The way to her dreams.
She's the end, and it's coming.
About to break, and fear has escaped.
There's no where left to turn,
But to fight the insanity.
Ashley Bertram Dec 2013
Never have I felt this sort of
Passionate, lascivious heat.
It has kindled my heart and it
Burns only for you and your light.

You, my light, so bright and immaculate,
Encompassing my soul to illuminate
All my hidden baggage,
Which you pack up graciously,
Incinerating it in the midst of our fire.

Our bright fire is unbiased, just, and free.
It cares, not for life before ignition,
But for the current flame, and
The fuel which feeds the vigorously blaze.

It blazes from mere embers, and explodes
To shine upon our glorious bodies.
Together at last!
We have been fused together by
This immeasurable, thriving fire.
Ashley Bertram Sep 2012
Listen up, I've got a story to tell.
You probably have heard it,
Or  forgot it, or lost it.
But, oh well.

This isn't the written flow that you are used to.
But I can promise you, that this story will get to you.
It doesn't start off with "Once upon a time"
Nor is it as romantic as the fairy tale lies.

Now we start with a woman, mature for her age, and
Follow with a man who prays and prays for his days.
They pass each other in a bar, on the subway, in the streets.
It seemed as though Fate had a plan for them to meet.

After weeks of anticipation, the man finally asked for her name.
"It's Janet, good sir. But I must go, it's starting to rain."
"Well I'm Marcus, dear Janet, and the rain, I am aware.
But let us retreat to this diner, where the coffee is fair."

She accepted his offer, and they enjoyed their cup o' Joe.
He spoke of politics, and arts, and everything he knows.
She was taken in by his charm, and he by her beauty.
Sparks were flying, and it seemed like they were meant to be.

As the rain came to a stop, they thought it would be best to depart.
She walked to the left, and he to the right, yet each had the others' heart.
Janice dreamed of Marcus, and he dreamed of she.
Each hoping that Fate would allow them to see what could be.

But here is where our story takes a turn for the worst,
Poor Marcus has cancer and his lifespan is short.
Janice did the best to help him, falling deeply in love.
He couldn't resist his feelings, either, he knew it wasn't lust.

A recovery eased their minds, but alas for only  a while.
Still they only cared about seeing one another's smile.
In his hospital bed he proposed. A weeping "yes" was his answer.
And for a split second, everyone forgot about his cancer.

Now  a month has passed, the wedding plans made.
They had a perfect June wedding with her hair up in braids.
It wasn't even a week later that tragedy stuck,
Dear Janet was coming to visit, when her car was hit by a truck.

Heartache was felt throughout the hospital that night.
A dying man lay with cancer, and his new bride had lost her life.
Once he heard the news he fell over in pure agony,
And screamed to the world, "Oh god, why can't you just take me?"

After doses of sleeping aids and a priest by his side,
Marcus finally dozed off and dreamt of his miraculous bride.
When he awoke, there Janice stood, just as beautiful as ever.
He had died in his sleep, but now they will live forever.

Ashley Bertram Aug 2012
You're simply not here.
I stretch my mind to find you,
Bending around all the nooks,
Until I cannot bend, stretch, or flex
The depths any longer.

It's been a long time.
I remember our last engagement,
Rather clearly, might I add.
You were sticky, sweet, and satisfying,
Just like old times.

I remember why you left.
It was my fault, but we had an agreement.
Time wasn't on our side,
It deceived, manipulated, and warped
My mind and emotion.

It's been a long time.
I remember you told me many things,
Things I tried for years to forget.
You said I was selfish, despicable, and a *****.
I believed you.

You're simply not here.
I don't search for you anymore.
What I've longed for for so long
Has finally enveloped, released, and replaced
My chastising memory of you.
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