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BeautyOverScars Dec 2016
Strong woman,
Head held high;
Chin up,
Beautiful smile.

Strong woman,
The epitome of beauty;
You carry the pain,
as if it were your very own child.

All I can see is love etched across your face
Though I see your beauty,  
I know you hurt.
Strong woman, beautiful smile
You pretend as if you don’t hurt
But I know you better than anyone
& that is because me and you are one.
BeautyOverScars Apr 2015
Poison to the touch.
I'm filthy
yet your pessimistic  attitude
It doesn't  surprise  me
you know  it
And you don't pretend you don't either.

I remember those blue butterflies
We caught
In late September
When the sun was shining Brightly
& the Autumn wind blew gently
And some how mine suffocated
But yours
Yours soared
That's  because I'm poison to the touch.

I don't  know what you see
In  me  but I'm poisoned
And before i release my toxins in Your blood
You should stay clear of me
Before you immune  system Starts to shut down
& your body can no longer intake Oxygen
& your blood is no longer bright Red
But its blue like those  butterflies

Stay clear
I beg you
Stay clear
Of me
If not for you
For me.
I would be the death of you
BeautyOverScars Apr 2015
It's that Flame
That was lit on a candle
That December  night
when we had that splendiferous dinner
& you thought to
convey your undying love for
& if our love is undying
this flame will never be blown out.
Not even by those forceful hurricane winds
Because our love is a tornado
waiting  to engulf you
and no there is no calm
our love will swallow you whole.
Our love is the candle
The wax in which we will keep refilling
& the Flames are just our eternity.
I wanted to write a poem about flowers, so that's what I did.
It was short, expressed how I feel, and cut like glass.
I showed my father "Flowers" and he thought it was mediocre.
And I said, "No, "Mediocre" is the poem where I talk about dying,
and I'm trying to stay alive, so I wrote about flowers."

Flowers strangling soil plots with their roots, with their existence.
And to hurt something you love with your existence is a terrible feeling.
You fell in love with me.

I just hope you jumped.
Not slipped.
I have a cold heart
I have a cold soul
I guess thats what happens when
The love I once knew becomes
Nothing more than burnt out wood
From the fire we lit
One night in the middle of last summer
The fire that got washed out cause the rain poured down that night
I wish our love was still like a burning fire
So warm and bright
Inviting and alive...
This was a actually a throw prethought..hope you guys like it..
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