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Ashish Nand Jun 2018
When words run out
But feelings do not
And you want to stay
Just hold my hand

When the clouds are cruel
And the streets are dark
But you want to walk
Just hold my hand

When the seas turn rough
And the horizon is bleak
But you want to sail
Just hold my hand

When the going gets tough
And the crowd doesn't cheer
But you want to sing
Just hold my hand

When your lips turn cold
And your eyes cannot see
But you want to live
Just hold my hand

When your life gets low
But your heart permits
Just call me out
And hold my hand
Assure someone today that when the going gets tough and they feel alone, they can call you out and hold your hand!
Ashish Nand Jun 2018
You will never learn
Till you are locked
Hopeless and helpless
Cursing the fate you own

In the shackles of dejection
Lie the roses-like emotions
Yearning for a morning sunshine
To get a life once again

But wilting with the days
Inside the cold chambers
That had never before valued
The warmth it was granted

Craving and starving
For that one last chance
That came by many a times
Unable to teach a lesson right

The wait will now go on
For another ray of light
As it weathers in the shadows
Of its own past life
Ashish Nand Dec 2017
Have you ever wondered
As to whom
Does a leaf
Really belong to?

Does it belong to the tree
That although gives it life
Disowns it when it needs
A support the most?

Does it belong to the wind
That carries it in its arms
To a beautiful foreign land
Until it can no longer take its weight?

Does it belong to the land
Which caters for the unknown
But eats it away as it decays
And becomes part of a new life?

It belongs to the journey
Merely named by its progenitor
From the time it appears
Till the moment it perishes.
Ashish Nand Nov 2017
It was raining
Without the clouds
And I was there
With an umbrella
Ready to walk together
But alas
You chose to walk
On a different path

One day
Our paths will cross
And it will rain again
But this time
My umbrella will not
Walk with you
For it has found
Solace in itself
Ashish Nand Nov 2017
We have it all
Yet we seek for more
Because in reality
Nothing is ever our own.

We fear to lose it
Even before we grasp it
Because in reality
Fear is stronger than hope.

We gain it at last
Only to lose it soon enough
Because in reality
It was never meant to be.

We had it all
Yet we sought for more
Because in reality
It was never our own.
Ashish Nand Oct 2017
Have you ever wondered
Why people fear heights?
It is not because they fear
That they would fall and die.
But how much is it
That you know about that height
Is what rings bells in their minds.
It is the fear of the unknown,
Not of the uncertain future
But of the unknown present.

But I do not fear heights.
I fear depths
Immeasurable and unknown.
It ***** you down
Never to bring you up again.
You enjoy the fall
Because it is free.
You enjoy the uncertainties of life
Until you start questioning yourself
When do you land?
Where do you land?
Do you even land?
Or do you keep falling and falling
Until you get ****** up
By your own self?

It is then that you drown
Because the ocean deceives you.
It may seem to you
That the arms of the ocean
Is what is carrying you down
Until you realise that
They were not meant to comfort you.

You give it your all
And it takes it all
With even no consolations as return.
Ashish Nand Oct 2017
Not all storms
Are meant
To destroy

Some bring
A breeze of change
To be that
Fresh breath of cold air
Blowing on your wounds
Just like your mum did
When you fell from the cycle
And scratched your leg

Some bring
A rain with smile
Washing your tears
And cleansing your face
Making your eyes shine
With more pride than pain
As it washes away your emotions
Into the gutters of sorrow

Not all storms
Are meant
To destroy
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