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  Jun 2014 Ashes
The silver
Birch trees flaunt
Their glitz as I 
Stroll through 
Deep pearl 
And sand

Gorgeous green
Mansions swirl
Around and
Blackbirds pick
Seeds from 
The posy bunches
And sparkled

I pass a 
Pink butterfly house 
With large Daisy 
Heads protruding from
The diamond fencing.

The next house, a rather
Pretentious 'Cordillera',
Sounds like a disease.
A farm gate shields 
4 by 4s and I'm 
Now passing the weird
House with the crocodile
And gorilla and 
Coloured Cow 
And dog statues.

Coming to the
End of the lane
Of silver I pass
'Lane end'
Cottage with its viney
Stature and freshly 
Manicured front lawn. 
High cube hedges forming 
A pathway to the porch.

In The final 
Mansion if
Nosy passers
Have a peek you
Can see a 
Swimming pool,
Fluffy Towels draped over
The Silver pool chairs.

Flitting to 
The end of the 
Dappled birches,
A wide country green
Covered in bunting
Bathed in buttercups.
  Jun 2014 Ashes
The sky's lanterns shower powdered grapefruit in your eyes.
Lashed, mascara'd,
in doubt
The grapefruit turns to wine
And pours out the torn
pages.One by one
they disintegrate
Into the ashes 
at your
Ashes Feb 2014
in the open rye of
your creaking heart
a blowing out sun
spinning in my brain

Too much. I said.
No. You said.

Standing in the open rye
of your mocking eyes
a blue honeyed moon
spinning in my veins.
Ashes Feb 2014
Your heart scattered in the green grass of summer,
As my heart reform in the smell of white roses.
The past in the isolated island growing strong,
As the future fading slow.
I whispered.
"I love you."

— The End —