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Asha Jul 2015
Waiting for you was the toughest thing to do,
But not knowing whether you'd come back
was even harder.
  Jul 2015 Asha
It's never quite as romantic as they make it out to be.
These trips to France
or Spain
or Germany.
To the misty mountains of Iceland,
the wine-toasting grottos of Italy.

The romance comes about a half-hour before sun rise.
Catching, counting
and losing count
of the stars you see in her eyes.
In those sincere sighs
that come after the heartfelt goodbyes
and the soft smiles in those happy hellos:
Those are the ones
that let you know.

Romance is not a place:
It's a person.
And when you find them,
hold them close
and never let go.
Or you'll be destined to dwell on the past
and to dream only of tomorrow.
With a head full of regret
and a heart full of sorrow.

Don't let it happen to you
like it happened to me.
Hold her close, for heaven's sake:
Or lost
you will forever be.
Asha Jun 2015
All that we do,
Why is it only about love?
All that we write,
Why is it only about love?
All that we dream,
why is it only about love?
All that we hope,
Why is it only about love?
Asha Jun 2015
It’s in crowds that I miss you more,
in crowds, your absence ****** my heart the most,
In solitude, not so much.
‘cause in solitude, I’ve learnt to live without you.
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