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nd Sep 2019
it was a pretty long journey
i was happy
i was sad
i was desperated
i was scared
i was struggling

but it came to an end
we broke up that night

but i am happier now
breaking up never feels this good
nd Apr 2019
when I was still a younger me, let's talk when i was 19 or 20

heartache can be caused by losing a boyfriend

you know the pain right?
you know how hurt the pain is, right?

when I turned 21
the same kind of heartache still there
different man, different story, same heartache

still when I was 21
it happened on August 2018

I lost my grandpa, he passed away

heart attack, they said

it was hurt so bad and i can barely breathe
it felt hurt, but different kind of heartache.


then October 2018,
same thing, different person, happened

I lost my best friend on a plane crashed

it was terribly hurt

it felt hurt, but another different kind of heartache


and after that,

losing a living human is nothing but a pinch on my cheek.
if they're still alive, then you're not losing them.
nd Jan 2019
I know that feeling,

When you're angry
    but dont want to hang up.

He makes you mad
    but still, you dont want to hang up.

He says something that annoy you
    yet still, you don't hang it up.

We tease each other
     and still, you dont want to hang up the phone.
nd Nov 2018
i see her on the cross of the street
and wave her hand

i see her on the cross of the room
and hold her stomach

i see her on the cross of the shadow
and say nothing

then i wake up and realize
she was there
and hoping
as the plane crashed the ocean.
it's been week and you still not identified. is the ocean wants you stay?
nd Nov 2018
she lost her hope as the plane went down towards the ocean
in 400 knots

she closed her eyes right before she lost her heartbeat
Dear Michelle, one of the greatest friend. the sweet and kind creature. RIP Chelle, you will always be my shine.
nd Oct 2018
I believe it was over months ago
But still
It feels like
You are here
And telling me

You miss my laundry scent
You said you miss me.
And now i doubt it.
nd Oct 2018
do you what is the most painful thing beside losing you?

having memories with and about you


when i talk about you

I'm sad but also happy at the same time
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