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Arya Arun Jul 2014

Shards of glass and scraps of metal
As the sand finally settled
I stared at the plane; a total wreck
Stranded, in hot soup we had landed

Quickly, we fled
Thoughtlessly, we ****** ahead,
Onto a lost, unknown trail
Unaware of what time would unveil

Days flew by without notice,
Every drop of water was bliss
Several miles away from home,
Stranded in what could be our tomb.

Tears rolled down our cheeks
Definitely, our future was bleak
Death was hiding under every stone
We were terrified, hungry and cold

We soon got bored
Our hopes were dashed
The situation was rather like a game show
We were stranded and so full of woe

Soon, Superman came,
But it was nothing like the video games.
Oh, at least we were alright,
Far, far away from the crash site

We were soon in the limelight,
Part of international affairs, just overnight
With parents, we reunited
No longer stranded, but certainly undecided
Loosely based on the book Walkabout

— The End —