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Nov 2016 · 608
Arvind Krish Nov 2016
To be the best
or the worst
is my choice
white rain dances the white off
I chose white over ride
my plight the brightest lie
of all heights.
Nov 2016 · 517
I'd rather
Arvind Krish Nov 2016
I'd rather write unknown poems
that no one would ever read
than shut myself to a living coffin
Jun 2016 · 467
Arvind Krish Jun 2016
White pale snow
forms the boundary
of my anger
May 2016 · 320
Arvind Krish May 2016
Being worthy for you
makes me only more worthless.
May 2016 · 372
Melting love
Arvind Krish May 2016
The chocolate I wanted to give you
That you didn't accept
melts down into my heart
May 2016 · 544
What did she miss?
Arvind Krish May 2016
She hides her pupil
under the long lashes
'A silent sweet girl"
I thought

Then I knew she was
a shooting expert
'A serious one"

Her photos of hiking
had crossed 100 likes
"an adventurous one"

She sang a melody
struck the strings of guitar
" A real Virtuoso! "

She won A in next exam
"A prodigy"

Did she miss the fun?
Funny because she is
holding my hands
and what more fun!
May 2016 · 876
Arvind Krish May 2016
The ink fades off the crumbled paper
like my memories were erased
slowly and translucently
leaving wet traces
in my heart.
May 2016 · 999
Old Photograph
Arvind Krish May 2016
The old photograph
bordered with dust
a long gone memory
A childhood of hooded dreams.
The fresh oak tree
now blasted and cleft.
The woods redeeming in ashes
The sky grey with mist
The high pants and sneakers
haven for centigrades,
a **** in boots
Max, the Cocker Spaniel
his strayed legacy on streets.

The mood silent
The wind mourning
of old times of photographs
May 2016 · 609
Arvind Krish May 2016
The more I try to swim
The more I learn to drown
Arvind Krish Apr 2016
Dirt, Dirt, Dirt
The brook flows bound to wastes

Cut, Cut, Cut
The fallen trees they shed

****, ****, ****
The animals roasted in fire.

Smoke, Smoke, Smoke
The grey turned air sneeze

Blast, Blast, Blast
The wrecks of once mighty peaks

Dry, Dry, Dry
The last drop water vapourise

War, War, War
Men pierce hearts and blood

Throw, Throw, Throw
food ever to be scarce

Explode, Explode, Explode
The radium bursting the cells

Invent, Invent ,Invent
all that earth never wanted

Destroy, Demolish ,Doom
until the last life turns solid

Bleed, Bleed, Bleed
Earth you are never more alive.

For mankind was never
to be a savior
Never to be an angel
But to be the mark of doom.
Mar 2016 · 392
Circle of love
Arvind Krish Mar 2016
In the great circle of love
I feel like a dot
And more the radius of my love
extends to you
Th more smaller I get
Mar 2016 · 545
A note of love
Arvind Krish Mar 2016
She walks before me, sliding her eyelashes in a dancing mood, the wind being fortunate enough to carry her strands of long black hair, the light being fortunate enough to reflect on her soft skin. She talks to me and  rush of adrenaline wakes the wave of emotions in me. Dear, do you really know that I love you? Or you wish to become a silent spectator enjoying my madly acts of love? Where did all the romantic lines I that by-heartened  flew away? Where did all that courage I mustered went to hide? That please be with me. Please don't run away from me. That I only want to be with you. That I love you
A note of my best Friends life. After we all have gone through this
Mar 2016 · 326
Fade away love
Arvind Krish Mar 2016
That how may times
That how much more
I try to love you

It only makes me feel like
you are fading away
very beautifully as beautiful you are.
But faster
And like I'm in vain my love
Mar 2016 · 18.0k
Tomorrows Exam is Mathematics
Arvind Krish Mar 2016
Tomorrows Exam is Mathematics
loaded my head with unknown tricks
Doodling with numbers
Yes, teacher calls us dumbers
Too much problems, yet very lil, solutions
The long mountains of  graphs
The Greek symbols alpha, beta omega
equations and formulas
Find height, depth use trigonometry
My answer a picture of a tree
infinite zeros in red
Sets, Relations,  Geometry,
variables and algebra and Lines,
Its like stepping into a field of mines
All time me wondering why
reciprocal of zero undefined?
much of the time
In exam, I stay
Tomorrow's my maths exam..... yippee
Mar 2016 · 315
I'd rather
Arvind Krish Mar 2016
I'd rather write unknown poems
that no one would ever read
than shut myself to a living coffin.
Mar 2016 · 4.6k
A kerala rain
Arvind Krish Mar 2016
Mild rain
the splashes of  browny mud
holi with dirt and water
tasting the soil
being merged in nature
the ignorant childhood in rain
diving to the bottom of rivers
fishing for bral and karimeen
the occasional frights from snakes
rain, raining rained.
holi is a festival of colors
bral and karimeen is the native names of fishes in kerala
Mar 2016 · 451
The leftovers of a suicide
Arvind Krish Mar 2016
Broken glass of a french scotch
stamped to the mysteries of a sand
loosed tie and and unanswered calls
The fears of tomorrow
He chose the doorway to death.

In the most heroic way
In the most romantic  way
To become a coward
To become a  maniac
As the daily's said.
life death
Mar 2016 · 3.1k
Exam night
Arvind Krish Mar 2016
Notes of papers
modules, graphs, maps and scales
me lost in dreams of fairy tales
hard to count
rush to the exam mount
endless cups of coffee in vain
shallows, brooks of caffeine

The clock runs the marathon
eyes dead '
brain washed
Mar 2016 · 890
Arvind Krish Mar 2016
A motherly cry
pierced head of a fetus
dried placenta.
Mar 2016 · 424
The silent myth
Arvind Krish Mar 2016
The silent myth
The sacred nuptials
the bind mackerel
a broken furred leg of spider
a feast for ants
fused medallions
Evoke the night!
Arvind Krish Mar 2016
All my life
I wanted you
All the day
thought about you
expecting you would love back..

Now I know
I cant expect you to love back
Mar 2016 · 286
50 poems
Arvind Krish Mar 2016
50 poems in Hello poetry.
I have completed the lesson one of knowing the borders of  poetry through my friends in Hello poetry. Thank you one and all for supporting and not supporting me.
Now I know there is a big ladder to climb and we all are at different blocks.
Once Thank you all.
A note of gratitude
Mar 2016 · 381
Arvind Krish Mar 2016
She sits there on the verandha
her kitty pausing for some occasional mews
she had pale blunt eyes
long unknown odor of thoughts
She speaks else
She sees else

there is his solitary lady..
I see I pass...
Mar 2016 · 1.0k
India- Untouched borders
Arvind Krish Mar 2016
The hues that we respire
the chants of myth
heavenly birds in the ghats
India brims with the untouched
borders of mortality
Mar 2016 · 527
Still I run for you
Arvind Krish Mar 2016
The days of  sweet
your face shining
the smile, the origin of happiness
that was more.. to see your plain skin.

7,8,9, ten days passed
I've run past the corridors of school
to find your trace.
At times I see
a pair of sandals tripping to the van.
At times I see
a pair of hands  crossed in his.

Still I run everyday
Hoping you would give me a gaze
the one you had in our beautiful days
still I run..
Mar 2016 · 344
Cancer, the dramatic
Arvind Krish Mar 2016
He laid on a rusted bed
old worn out blankets
his face pale and questioned
He yelled at me.
He laughed at me

"Feel the pain ****** me
the cancer banging my cells
the tumor trembling my lungs
the new paradise
of toxins and pain killers.
The radium exploding my skin.

I feel raging
powerful, the king yet fragile
I'm the warrior of all the valleys
Yet I lie in the corridors of this unknown place
Everything white...
Who are those people dressed in white
Is that a small sword in his hand
NO, he is piercing my skin

I will **** all
I'm dying..
PLEASE don't **** me

And there he lies
crumbled to the sedatives
And I walk out with cancer in my thoughts..
fight until you die
Mar 2016 · 436
Arvind Krish Mar 2016
luster of life is pale.
there are just demonic  fables.
faint songs
humming with deep notes
The cry of a phoenix
mountains tremble
with fear of men
Mar 2016 · 297
Beauti-dull not full
Arvind Krish Mar 2016
Every time you turn back and realize how beautiful it was
It will make you only wilt
That how dull it is now
That how beauti-dull its going to be..
Mar 2016 · 731
Turned 17...
Arvind Krish Mar 2016
Turned 17*
in yet another ordinary day..
Yes there were kind of joy
in my dreams
But the cake was bitter, balloons deflated, grey jacket
withered flowers, self written cards, melted candles
And infinite wait for your call..

17 years of humanly life... earthly
that faint odor of emptiness
Every time you turn back and realize how beautiful it was
It will make you only wilt
That how dull it is
That how beauti-dull its going to be..

And after all
Its me wishing myself
Mar 2016 · 1.2k
Wish me or not? Birthday
Arvind Krish Mar 2016
This birthday
Is game of coin-toss day.
I don't know whats head whats tail
Wanting my heart not to fail.

It all depends
You wish me or not!
Arvind Krish Mar 2016
Why is it that you walk out everyday
And always he is beside you.
Even when your routine of walking away
has become familiar.
My eyes ache every time
Its a new new feeling..

Why is that you keep smiling again
Only to open my half-pinned eyes
You never let me close them wholly.
Mar 2016 · 393
Moon_ silent messenger
Arvind Krish Mar 2016
Are we really connected enough
as the realm of inner animism
metamorphises into brain waves
I believe the moon acts as messenger
and moonlight as the medium
of our thoughts, love and feelings.

And yet
I spent the entire night
gazing and talking to the moon
hoping you are at the other end....
Mar 2016 · 995
Romantic exam
Arvind Krish Mar 2016
Why is it that most beautiful dreams
come to me
just the night before exams?

I found the answer
My exams are romantic
After finishing the paper I could stare on her
for hours.
Mar 2016 · 648
Arvind Krish Mar 2016
Not seeing you is the hardest pain
But I'm already familiar with it.

But last time you had left me
I'm the one who turned the stone.
losing your love is a real pain
but sometimes she has reasons
Feb 2016 · 393
My love is booked
Arvind Krish Feb 2016
For 13 years I loved the books
They were my best sharers
Last two years I knew that
Those I have been knowing for 10 years
We're more than my friends
But it was too late that high school ended.

In a new haven
I started to love someone more..
I started to notice the blues of sky.
I began to love poetry
The hues of the world
Blush of the wind..

But now I'm back to books
This time I'm not reading
But I'm inscribing the pain of love
Into the torn pages
Feb 2016 · 347
Crime scene
Arvind Krish Feb 2016
Sprinkled water
beaten rays
loosed knots
shattered glass
blinking bulb
rows of ants
drops of red fluid
It was close to a crime scene
Feb 2016 · 162
Arvind Krish Feb 2016
Fighting hard to survive
Enjoying wild to live
Being normal to exist
Life is a combination of these acts.
Live  survive
Feb 2016 · 454
Yes life
Arvind Krish Feb 2016
Fighting hard to survive
Enjoying wild to live
Being normal to exist
Life is a combination of these acts.
Live  survive
Feb 2016 · 556
My love
Arvind Krish Feb 2016
We are tied together with an invisible  thread
no matter how much is the distance between us
the thread blooms with romance
we dance  like peacocks in rain
we sing like  cuckoos in dusk
As the Rays of sun & mist fuse
As the breeze and smoke swirl
As the snow kisses the leafs
I hold you in my arms
And whole world envy us.
Feb 2016 · 2.0k
Still you pretend..
Arvind Krish Feb 2016
You really know that I have a crush on you
still you pretend like I'm just a passerby
Yesterday you became
my best talkers
my best sharer
my best friend

And you know that
I want you to be my best lover
Still you pretend..
I want you to be my best lover
Feb 2016 · 463
Arvind Krish Feb 2016
I'm crazy afraid of this valentines day
I try to improve
I try to modulate
I try to flirt
I try to cross the friend zone
I try to romance
but yet
your single gaze makes me blank.

because I cant lose you forever ..
Feb 2016 · 1.7k
Time is a teddy bear
Arvind Krish Feb 2016
Time is stuffed up like a teddy bear.
At times it's so adorable..
And you just feel you are inseparable
As you hug to it.
It becomes your most secure friend .

But then you grow up
realizing than its a non living
would never talk back
would never listen
and you tear it apart

Only after which you realize
that its existence was in being non-living,
that it was a silent spectator.
please evaluate
Jan 2016 · 256
Arvind Krish Jan 2016
Waiting for a phone call from you
is like jumping off from a spaceship
It just goes on gliding away
If only you would pick up
Then your voice becomes the gravity..
that would keep me still...
Jan 2016 · 9.4k
C 4 choice..
Arvind Krish Jan 2016
Sometimes your choices may deceive you
Don't complain..
They are your choices..
Choices to be written on your grave
Jan 2016 · 321
Miss You.
Arvind Krish Jan 2016
first you stole my heart
And while I was enjoying  
my swim in your pool of love
Did you really have to go away?
For Twenty  days...  more than a fortnight
I was  lost diagonally
like stuck
up halfway of a Physics problem..

**Now I dont know when you'll be back
Now Girl
Can  I think about you ?
now that
I might need your consent too...
she is away  for a game ..
Jan 2016 · 390
Love lost
Arvind Krish Jan 2016
Not a moment did I spend
without thinking  about  you  
And still I feel something lost
Yes , I have gained  something  to have  it lost
And I started my venture to find what was lost
but you are a good runner
The more I advance towards you
The  more our separation
Still I never stop
Still  I'm trying .....
love sad wish
Jan 2016 · 189
Arvind Krish Jan 2016
Not a moment did I spend
without  thinking about you
and still i feel something  lost
Yes,, I have gained something  even if its lost
And I started my venture  to find what I lost
but you are good  runner
the more I advance  towards  you
The more our separation
Still I never  stop
At least  I'm  trying
love sad wish
Jan 2016 · 237
Arvind Krish Jan 2016
We do have nothing
to claim about...
**Even the shadow we call as our identity
is just an infinite pity of Sun...
pity hard
Jan 2016 · 442
Snow and Fire
Arvind Krish Jan 2016
Fire has burned our skin
Snow has made our blood frozen

Some pain have to be felted
Some joy to be known..

if not
we would be the snow
who has never known
the warmth of fire
if not
we would be the fire
who has never felt
the chill of snow..
Jan 2016 · 1.4k
Happ New year
Arvind Krish Jan 2016
2015 had its last breath..
and we had given the light to
last  year we made mistakes'
this year we make success
last year we learnt more
this year we teach more
last year we made resolutions...fake
this year we know
it  doesn't  need new year
for a great start
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