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Arvind Krish Nov 2016
To be the best
or the worst
is my choice
white rain dances the white off
I chose white over ride
my plight the brightest lie
of all heights.
Arvind Krish Nov 2016
I'd rather write unknown poems
that no one would ever read
than shut myself to a living coffin
Arvind Krish Jun 2016
White pale snow
forms the boundary
of my anger
Arvind Krish May 2016
Being worthy for you
makes me only more worthless.
Arvind Krish May 2016
The chocolate I wanted to give you
That you didn't accept
melts down into my heart
Arvind Krish May 2016
She hides her pupil
under the long lashes
'A silent sweet girl"
I thought

Then I knew she was
a shooting expert
'A serious one"

Her photos of hiking
had crossed 100 likes
"an adventurous one"

She sang a melody
struck the strings of guitar
" A real Virtuoso! "

She won A in next exam
"A prodigy"

Did she miss the fun?
Funny because she is
holding my hands
and what more fun!
Arvind Krish May 2016
The ink fades off the crumbled paper
like my memories were erased
slowly and translucently
leaving wet traces
in my heart.
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