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anonymous Jun 3
Yesterday I was black,

Today I am frightened,

Tomorrow I’d be lost.

I thought we were all humans,

A creation from God,

I didn’t know I would be treated differently

like a fraud.

Am I a ghost,

Why does everyone run?

I’m not a criminal

No, I’m human.

So, why do you point a gun?

Religion, class, cast

Black, brown or white

I thought these mindsets were in the past,

I thought everyone were finally all right,

But I guess I was wrong.

So I run, keep running

from this little world,

But I don’t know where to go,

How starved you must have been,

that my heart became a meal for your ego.
anonymous May 25
"One last story daddy,

then I will sleep"

"Ok my little fairy,

Let this tale settle in deep.

She is an angel in disguise,

who is with you from your first cry,

regardless of your age,

her love for you will never fade,

She holds your hand while the pain is all around,

She wipes away your tears,

She is there to lift you from the ground,

her touch takes away your fears,

From dusk till dawn

when you are with her, your worries are gone,

There is a smile on your face,

It's because she has blessed you with her grace."

"who is she" i say,

"she is the rainbow,

which illuminates the sky after a rainy day,"

Every time I close my eyes,

I remember this story from the start,

"Mom. I love you from the depths of my heart."

— The End —