Amber 7d
unanswered questions
i’m sorry
i really want to tell u everything
but i just can’t bring myself to
i want to tell u
my misery
my pain
all my sadness
but i can't
trust me i really want to
and i’m always sad knowing that
u don’t get those answers u want
but i’m scared
scared that i might break down
in front of u
scared that u will change the way u look at me
more in a pitiful state
i don’t want that
i like how it is now
Amber 7d
bring me back to those times
when people were truthful
when true love existed
when people don’t just come and go
the mask we are wearing now
getting thicker everyday
hiding the genuine within us
just so to fit in
we change ourselves to a complete different person
please turn back
look at what u have done to yourself
remove that mask of yours
not directing to anyone!!

— The End —