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A soft breeze of recognition
I finally understand the meaning of life
Three days before my death

It flows and flows
Bringing denial and love
Not knowing who recieves it

From the ocean to the river Styx
Then as I'll stare into the eyes of the gods,
I'll take a last, beautiful, empty breath
falling in love kinda mid tbh :/
A darkness flashes past
Gripping air and empty words
Hiding behind tall pillars
Playing very silent chords
Your hand as my compass
Guiding me as the lord's
You are my only direction
My voice sounding hoarse
down deep into the loam where fantastical creatures make a living
a poet may find a temporary home within all temporary life
and finding themselves accepted begin to expand their consciousness.
VI of Cups
Connection to the past

There is a generosity in your eyes
You give what can't be given
To heal the past, to heal your friends
A childlike innocence keeps you driven

Before it heals, it haunts you
Your life is stiff and without play
To forget you must forgive
I feel nostalgia for today
A poem every day.
V of Pentacles

It's been a long time, friend
Your faith is far to be found
Your money's not in your pocket
And where's your lover, this time 'round?

Slowly, surely, you'll find your way
Ask for my hand, it's alright
Faith has nothing to fear
Renewal comes after every night
A poem every day
a touch so cold, it feels
as if dear lady winter touched me myself
but alas, it is you
ready to bring back spring
My soul craves you
A deep aching in my chest
For my life in your eyes
My heart in your hands

                                                          ­           I have lived a thousand lives
                                                           ­    In none of which I've found you
                                                          My body vibrates with recognition
                                                     ­    Oh, how I wish you'd know me too

                 Lord, let us be ten minutes
                 Or let it be a lifetime
                 Just take my hand, and drink the wine
                 I shall pray to be in your prime
simping hours :/
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