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Arozo Apr 23
I wish to run away
From everything that kills me
But I know in the end
Running will only lead me
From one thing that kills me
To the next.

- but maybe I can be the cat with 9 lives, right?
Arozo Apr 21
Shovel in hand
I break through the soft earth
Digging my own grave

As I lay here
Amongst all the dead
I can’t help
But scream
Into the night sky
Looking for answers
Within the stars

The stars
Littered amongst
The black emptiness
That looms above me
They mock me
With their everlastingness

Immortal beasts
They have watched the living
And the dying
As we destroy ourselves
Over and over
In search of answers
That will never be found

As the rain fills my tomb
Amongst all the dead,
I feel at peace.
Though I have not
Found my answers,
Until the next life.
Arozo Apr 21
Time has given up on me
And so has gravity,
As I float through
The barriers of time.
Floating through the past,
                               the present,
                               the future
Never settling anywhere
A stranger even in
My own memories
Don’t mind me, I’m
Just visiting
Just passing through

I’ll be gone soon.
Arozo Apr 21
Laying beneath the sun
As though I am the very grass she grows
I beg for her forgiveness
I beg to become one with the earth again
          to return to the soil I came from.
- mother earth, please let me start over? I need another chance.
Arozo Apr 21
Underneath an empty sky
I cry out my loneliness
And pour out my sadness
To celestial beings
Who could not care less

Eventually I stop my crying
And I go to join
The moon and
All her glorious stars

— The End —