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Aron De Ro Dec 2014
Screaming at your mirror
Whispering silence in my ear
Torturing me with subtlety
Bleeding out each nauseating harmony
Salivating contradiction under fallacy
Portraying innocence in white
Humming lullaby lies
With ink on your wrist
red butterfly
one color palette
to paint a staining smile on your face
Aron De Ro Nov 2014
Paper skin cuts heavily into heartbeat
& to mention your name - further so
Ever so often with sweet cognition,
I know you'll despise this rendition
I suffer the clock's hypnotic disguise
The ticking just talks in a tocking reprise
The sky falls when midnight arrives
But I'm not your Atlas
Aron De Ro Nov 2014
Intrigue has kept me sanely desirous
A blooming light has bound me captive
Blossoming blue with a sky-lit iris
The eyes of she who keeps my heart active
  Nov 2014 Aron De Ro
Streets have even learned my mantra-
"My heart is heavy, but my will is strong"
I recall the way your eyes made everything
go still
Like wires we climb with autumn,
putting our fingers up to the windowsill
We are scared of love, yes
But love should be scared of us

  Nov 2014 Aron De Ro
After years of bleeding
Seeing society retreating
On oil slick sands
On bible belts
And boy bands
The world is ovulating
Waiting for the impregnation
Of a dreamer’s nation
With an age of the mind

The birthing pangs
Blanking on the dark ages
Yet we cycle back
Rising up from
The ocean’s foam
Then sinking
Deeply into
Their dark depths

Another age of greatness is due
From the spurning of
Science and poetry

FDR to McCarthy trials
Beatniks to Vietnam
The Roman Empire
To the dark ages
The last sages
Got trampled on the road to war
The great poets
Frequently ignored
But it’s time
For another revolution
End of pollution
And the dissolution
Of our greed ran
System man
Aron De Ro Nov 2014
Candlelight silence squeals menacing sound
The bothersome flicker of wild light
Reverberating synchronized
pathetic heartbeats
My last breath can't
arrive sooner, dear?

a death wish
a desire to rip
and rip
rip the skin
this vessel
of empty
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