Nyltiac D Nov 19
I bleed, but I seek to suffocate the bleeding, never call for help. My blood is poison.
Some random text a received from a stranger.
They never replied back.
Nyltiac D Nov 7
When you said I was **** I laughed and thought you were joking.

When you said I couldn't talk to my bestfriend anymore I made up reasons and soon she wasn't a problem anymore.

When my eyes were black and blue it hurt when I walked I told everyone I was clumsy.

When I was in the hospital it was my fault and I'm the only one who can control you.

After that you were kind and gave me flowers I reminded myself why I love you.

When I stopped breathing was the only time I could leave you.
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Nyltiac D Nov 6
I look at my purple sore flesh.
Smile at the memory of where you have been. What we have done.

I bite my lip almost bleeding  and press legs together  as a flutter of butterflys fill my stomach up into my chest  bringing me back to the night before.

I stifle a moan as I  trace the hand shaped bruises along my throat feel the tender flesh between my thighs.

The thin line between pain and pleasure.
How we crossed it. Almost panic.
I begged you to stop I didn't mean it..

A breath of  excitement to relax my battered soul to keep me from calling you.

Critters crawl down my spine with the words, almost a growl.
" you're mine"
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Nyltiac D Oct 28
The voiceless girl who refused to scream for me.
Nyltiac D Oct 12
With the lights low
Your mouth between my thighs
Hands search blind over arched spine.

Tangled imbrace under sheets thin
From night to day to the bed you pin.
Quick poem
Nyltiac D Jul 4
Stand up straight.
Look like you're  having a nice time
Look ahead.
Look at me.
Act like you love me.
Hand grips my arm.
words hissed through clenched teeth
Don't eat too much
Don't look at him
Stop crying
Laugh at my jokes
He drinks
I stand
painted  smile
Rigid bones
Afraid locked in.
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Nyltiac D Jun 29
Day burns down to night;
Burns the edges of my soul.
In the night I break into
Sparks of suns,
And become the fires end.
The dust of bones...
Night knifes my breath,
Swallows whole my tongue.
Turn back reverse return.
In the night I see
The real concealed
In the days bright lie.
Eyes stitched shut;
White teeth smile.
Sleep walks,
And talks,
And feet
Mark time
To the drumless beat
I loved this poem it's beautiful, I cannot ember who wrote it.
I asked the producers of the movie and they gave me no answers.
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