Eric Draven Jul 4
Stand up straight.
Look like you're  having a nice time
Look ahead.
Look at me.
Act like you love me.
Hand grips my arm.
words hissed through clenched teeth
Don't eat too much
Don't look at him
Stop crying
Laugh at my jokes
He drinks
I stand
painted  smile
Rigid bones
Afraid locked in.
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Eric Draven Jun 29
Day burns down to night;
Burns the edges of my soul.
In the night I break into
Sparks of suns,
And become the fires end.
The dust of bones...
Night knifes my breath,
Swallows whole my tongue.
Turn back reverse return.
In the night I see
The real concealed
In the days bright lie.
Eyes stitched shut;
White teeth smile.
Sleep walks,
And talks,
And feet
Mark time
To the drumless beat
I loved this poem it's beautiful, I cannot ember who wrote it.
I asked the producers of the movie and they gave me no answers.
Eric Draven Jun 13
We were the only two
breathing the same oxygen
I screamed in.
Eric Draven Jun 8
Warm or cold liquid
Milk,  cream or nothing
Sugar, honey, sweetner or nothing
After a long day coffee is the calm.
Eric Draven Jun 7
It's 3 AM now, and the road has been empty for hours
No city lights are with her as mind travels to rose garden dreams and flowers
With her coat on, feeding her body with feeble heat windows wide open to the crisp air of the last bit of winter the nights events weighing heavy on her mind.

At long last, the woman gazed away from the windshield looking at the sprawling highway and lightless farmhouses and the lake with black water rushing through the thinning ice to the bridge before her vehicle, neglected and concealed coverd in rust.

The bridge that claimed the lives of many,
She wondered of the souls that once stood there, jumping to their deaths
"What a tragedy," she whispered in the cold, now going faster than before

She drove under the haunted bridge her heart beating faster in her chest.
She used to wonder the final thoughts made by those who stood on the bridge What kind of tears they wept, and what sense of comfort emerged
Yet now, for this one moment, she knew the answer already
After all, what were these thoughts in her head that made her unsteady?

The car crashed through the highway fence after a steep incline and along with it, the woman plunged as well, eyes closed no sounds escaped here lips she made no attempt to escape the lake below.

The dark waters have claimed her life, her doomed life as the other woman
And now, encrusted under the ice is the face of a woman that no one knew
Her skin as cold as the waters that drowned her, her dead eyes coloured blue.

It's 5 AM now, and the road has been empty for hours
No city lights are with her as she lay dead, dreaming of funeral flowers
As perusal. Spelling and grammars pretty bad.
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Eric Draven Jun 7
Her freckles
were plants
that the sun
My freckles only appear in summer.
Too bad I'm not a fan of the sun.
Eric Draven May 10
Maybe i'm just waiting for you to come back to me.
Since my fingertips are losing their feeling, and the strands of my hairs are splitting. AM I aging in reverse? And the next time you see me, i'll be older than i've ever been before....
so press play. since i'm sick of being stuck on pause.
This was a faceboom memory from 2012

— The End —